Mike Chapler, the player who surprised Pedro Truglio on the Olympia Tour of the United States.

He was born on November 24, 2000 in Florence, South Carolina, Michael Chaplerknown as “Mike Chubby”stole the appearance of a coach Olympia, Pedro Truglioduring the pre-season tour.

The lion played a friendly on Saturday against the local team from Savannah, Georgia, where there was a player with the physical features of an impressive American: blue eyes, blond hair, Caucasian, even though he is 1.75 meters tall and weighs 150 pounds.

Mickey He is a boy who has always dreamed of being a professional footballer, like all good Latinos, because he is of Hispanic origin, he has a Cuban mother and a Colombian father, although his Spanish is zero.

– With USL Photography –

By staying in Bluffton, 30 minutes drive from the city, nicknamed “El Güerito” was a member of the Atlanta United youth team between 2016 and 2017. MlHowever, his pace stopped when he decided to play football in college Memphis and South Carolina.

Chappelear has played in the state leagues, being the champion of the last three editions of American Conference college football in the country, in addition to conducting preliminary seasons with teams belonging to the USL, the second tier of the United States, at clubs such as Charleston Battery, Memphis 901 and Charlotte Independence (USL Championship).

there, mike He tried in friendlies against clubs from the same MLS, as well as from other teams, but he did not sign for financial reasons, according to Diario La Prensa newspaper. Although he spent two years at the Southern Football Academy (USL2), which plays in the fourth domestic category.

– Troglio wants it for Leo –

In 2022, it was the place where he stunned the famous amateur tournaments in which professional football players from Honduras usually participate, such as the Mariachi Cup, Delaware Cup and others. At these competitions, the number “10” of the well-known Cedritos was worn by the Hispanic American, directed by some brothers of Orocuina, Choluteca.

He got there thanks to the fact that he met the former marathon player in southern football, Jose Carlos Perdomo “Bird”who remained in the United States after the CONCACAF match against Seattle in April 2021.

“El Güerito” Watch the excitement of Savannah’s friendly match against Olympia. Meringue won 2-0, but the coach was surprised Peter Truglio When he saw Chaplier doing “mischief” against his players.

“Troglio is a legend from Argentina, and of course I know him. He told my coach that he loves the game very much, that there are many things that I can improve but that I am still very young and that they would like to take me to Honduras,” the footballer confirmed.

Olympia agreed to call him when their tour was finished at the end of the month so that he could leave Tegucigalpa to be directly observed.

“I think Troglio likes to show myself as a skilled footballer, that I manage time and measure well against his players. My game is based on facing the attackers, he plays on both flanks, but more like a ‘10’. I think my best is that I try to make Those who play with me are better,” he said. mike.

The gringo chelito’s cell phone hasn’t stopped ringing since Troglio’s desire to add him to the lion’s ranks became known. Olympia He just signed Brazilian Yann Maciel after seeing him on one of these show tours in the US, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Michael Chapler jumped on the merengue boat for a trip Opening 2022.

“Thank you Olympia for coming to this city and commemorating your life for so many people. Playing in front of 5,000 fans is unheard of in such a small area. I am glad to have played alongside some of my brothers and the greats of Honduras. I hope to play soon for the colors of Olympia!”, she was The message sent by “10” Savannah.

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