Mincyt extends call for 2021 National Science Awards


The Ministry of People’s Power of Science and Technology (Mincyt) has decided to extend the deadline for submission of works for the 2021 National Science, Technology and Innovation Awards.

According to the Minister of Science and Technology, Gabriela Jimenez Ramirez, science scientists have until November 20 to register and choose this national award.

The 2021 National Science Awards have three categories: the National Science and Technology Prize; National Prize for the best scientific, technological and innovative work; and the National Luis Zambrano Award for Popular Technological Innovation.

The National Science and Technology Prize category has three mentions: New Investigator: Stimulating investigative work; Extensive professional researcher: assessment of the trajectory of national talent in all areas of knowledge; And the unified research group: Recognizing the stability of teamwork.

The National Award for Best Scientific, Technological and Innovative Work recognizes the research product. The following references may be nominated for this award: Natural Sciences: Biology – Earth Sciences; Exact sciences: physics – chemistry – mathematics – astronomy; social sciences and humanities; Health sciences and technology research.

For the Louis Zambrano National Award for Popular Technological Innovation, which aims to stimulate and support national creativity and innovation, those interested can apply for two badges: self-made and professional.

Interested persons can obtain detailed information on the basis, regulations, forms, and instructions for formalizing their registration and charging kits for each award, through the following link: https://www.mincyt.gob.ve. You can also write to the email Premiosnacionalesdecyt @mppct.gob.ve or call the phone number: 02125557651. SC

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