Minnesota: New shooting reported in the US

Minnesota: New shooting reported in the US
Police in Bloomington, Minnesota, in the United States, responded to a shooting at the Mall of America in Minneapolis.
Bloomington Police, IN Minnesotathe United States, responded to the shooting in America Mall, in Minneapolis. Photo: AFP

in MinnesotaUnited State, There was a shooting In the Mall of America in Minneapolis. Bloomington Police confirmed on its Twitter account that shots had been fired and described the incident as an “isolated incident”.

Man escaped shooting in Minnesota

It was also reported that the suspect From the shooting in Minnesota he escaped on foot. So far no casualties have been reported.

We are currently working on an active incident inside the Mall of America on the Northwest side. Several officers are on site. We will update when we have more information.”

The police said in a tweet

Pictures circulating on social media, the authenticity of which could not be immediately verified, showed terrified shoppers running through the mall. BloomingtonWhich includes more than 500 stores.

The center tweeted on its official account on Twitter, “Mall of America is currently closed,” adding that There was an ‘isolated incident’.

“Please stay in the nearest safe place until the lockdown is lifted,” he said.

Families run and push their children to shoot

A video was posted on Twitter It shows someone screaming as they enter a Nike store. Then he heard several shots.

In another video, families are seen running and pushing their children in strollers across the mall while armed security guards patrol the building.

A message can be heard over a loudspeaker telling shoppers: “Attention: Those who are not currently in a safe place, please seek shelter immediately.”

Bloomington Police said on Twitter that they are “currently working on a file Active incident inside the Mall of AmericaAnd that “many customers are on site.”

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