Monica Vergara has been expelled from the Mexican women’s national team

Monica Vergara left Tre Feminel after failing with the team (Image: REUTERS/Pillar Olivares)

The mexican national team It continues to restructure all its classes, that’s why Mexican Football Federation (FMF) about stopping Monica Vergara in front of tripartite feminine. After his analysis FMF For just over a month, he finally made the decision to end Vergara’s course with the Mexican team.

And through an official statement – spread on social networking sites – the Federation announced the news on Monday, August 15 at noon, in which it was clarified that it, too Carla Maya She will leave her position as coach of Women under 15 years old Their results were also analyzed and it was decided that they would not continue to lead the lower category.

This was determined by official report From FMF:

“As part of the restructuring that the Mexican Football Federation has been involved in in recent days, Monica Vergara and Carla Maya are reportedly leaving the technical direction of SNM (Mexico’s national team) women and Branch 15 respectively.”

The dismissal of Monica Vergara is part of the restructuring of the Mexican national team teams (Image: Reuters / Pilar Olivares)
The dismissal of Monica Vergara is part of the restructuring of the Mexican national team teams (Image: Reuters / Pilar Olivares)

At the moment, he chairs the federation Louis Young . added Miguel Angel Gameiro s christian flowers He will take charge of the Aztec team for the upcoming friendlies, and they will direct the team temporary method Until a new technician or technician is appointed to take full responsibility for tripartite.

Within the statement, Femexfut dedicated space to thank a path Ex-midfielder as a team coach Mexican women actresses So when directed to under 17 She finished second in the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup in Uruguay 2018.

FIFA thanks Monica Vergara and Carla Maya for their willingness and dedication. In a special way, it recognizes Monica Vergara’s track in the national teams, with which she won a sub-world championship in the U-17 category, ”it can be read in the statement.

Miguel Angel Gameiro and Cristian Flores will take over as the three women (Image: Twitter / @miseleccionfem)
Miguel Angel Gameiro and Cristian Flores will take over as the three women (Image: Twitter / @miseleccionfem)

It should be noted that inside failure The last time Monica Vergara participated in the women’s national team was her passive participation in 2022 CONCACAF World Cup Because he did not achieve any victory, in addition to that he did not score a single goal throughout his performance in the group stage, and thus the Mexican team was excluded from the tournament. Women’s World Cup 2023 And the 2024 Paris Olympics.

When Mexico lost to the United States in the pre-World Cup, and this was judged to be a failure in the competition, the coach took responsibility for what happened, but at the same time he asked to continue to trust the new generations. At a press conference he took the microphone and explained what happened:

It’s a personal failure, but not from the women’s national team programme. We need to keep trusting these generations, as we know we’re in a transition, so personally I take this responsibility […] I know it’s a failure.”

Monica Vergara s Carla Maya They have been added to the recent layoffs that have taken place within the various levels of the Mexican national team. On July 13, the recasting of the Mexican representatives began, which is why Yon de Luisa reported their first dismissals, namely: Gerardo TorradoSNM’s general athletic director; Ignatius of ironNational Team Manager. Luis Ernesto PerezTechnical Director of tripartite Male U-20.

accordingly Maribel Dominguez She was also fired from her position as Technical Director of tripartite Under-20 women’s team after revealing “inappropriate behavior” within the team’s focus. The news was published a few days before the start of the FIFA U-20 World Cup, in which Mexico will participate. in substitution, Anna Galindo He took charge of the team for Costa Rica 2022.

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