More than 20 Jujuy science and technology projects will receive financial support from the state


The funding line aims to contribute to strengthening existing clubs, as well as opening new informal educational spaces for the development of scientific extracurricular activities.

With the aim of promoting projects to establish and strengthen science clubs and digital clubsMinistry of Science and Technology of the nation through Youth Program in Science and Technology for the Undersecretary for Institutional Coordination with the Network of Scientific Clubs accredited to the Directorate of Expression and Audiovisual Content (DAyCA)awarded a total of $120,818,453 to fund 209 initiatives under the “Projects to Promote and Establish Science and Digital Clubs” call, which was launched at the end of last year.

It was extended through the Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation in Jujuy and with great invitation and participation where 22 institutions in the province will benefit from this funding line, which aims to contribute to the strengthening of existing clubs and to promote the opening of new informal educational spaces for the development of extracurricular scholarly activities.

Method A recipients respond to Projects to enhance the activities of pre-existing clubs They are: Ciencia para todos-Monterrico Club; Saber Club – Brico; Science Club “Los Alchemists” – San Salvador de Jujuy; Club of pupils of Dimitri Balbal. the Science Club of the Hospi-SS of Jujuy; scientific club “Relatives” – Palpal; Club Los Pardos del Secu 54- Palpal; Japanacoy Valley Grande Club.

While the recipients of method b Projects to establish science clubs or digital clubs We are: Science Clubs of the Faculty of Engineering – San Salvador de Jujuy; 22nd Club – San Salvador de Jujuy; Coranzuli-Susques Club; FC Yungoritos San Salvador de Jujuy; Jujuy High School No. 43-SS Science Club; Science Club “Guardians of Nature” – San Salvador de Jujuy; Science and Innovation Club “We Can” – Palpal; Robotics Club at Colegio del Salvador- SS de Jujuy; Higher Education Institute Club No. 11-SS in Jujuy; Science Club “School Garden” – Jujuy; Nature’s Guardians Science Club – Apra Bamba; Portico de los Andes FC – SOSC; Science and Environment Club “Friends of the Pasha” – SS from Jujuy and Club Germinar-SS from Jujuy.

to continue accompanying, He gives current march 10 to hs. 9.00 In the facilities of the Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, located at Calle Vicuas nº 98 of B Chijra, a Briefing for project managers.

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