More than 50 images of the Virgin Mary are displayed in a mall in the Philippines

More than 50 images of the Virgin Mary are displayed in a mall in the Philippines

The most important and oldest shopping mall in the Philippines displays more than 50 Marian images to celebrate the Nativity of the Virgin Mary on September 8.

The exhibition “Salamat Maria: Greetings to the Birthday of Dear Mother” opened on September 1st and will open until 10th of this month at Ali Mall in Cubao, in Quezon City, the Philippines’ most populous city and urban center. the richest in the country.

Ali Mall real estate manager Eileen eBay said in a Release On September 7, “With loyal partners Marianne, we opened this gallery to show our community’s love for Mama Maria, just in time to celebrate her birthday.”

“Our goal is to foster a fervor of faith among the shopping center’s visitors and awaken devotion to the Virgin Mary,” eBay added.

The exhibition’s blessing and opening was in charge of Father Diogo D’Souza, pastor of the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Quezon City.

And eBay indicated that on Thursday, September 8, a holiday is scheduled to be held in the Philippines on the occasion of the Nativity of the Virgin, where the mass will be held in the churches of Gateway Mall, Ali Mall and Farmers Plaza shopping centers.

Among the images on display in the gallery is the Virgen de las Flores, honored in the eastern province of Mindoro; Replica of the Immaculate Conception at Malabon and Our Lady of the Phocesan in Manila.

The various images are publicly available during the opening hours of the shopping center on the ground floor.

On the Nativity of the Virgin Mary

The Catholic Church remembers the Birth of the Virgin Mary on September 8 every year. It is celebrated nine months after the date designated for the Immaculate Conception, on December 8.

The Bible does not give data on the birth of Mary, but there are many traditions. Some, who consider the Virgin a descendant of David, refer to her birth in Bethlehem. Another Greek and Armenian current refers to Nazareth as the birthplace of Mary.

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