More than 860 flights were canceled and 4,000 were delayed in the US this Sunday

(CNN) – Another wave of canceled flights and airline delays will hit the entire US this weekend.

According to the tracking site FlightAwareSo far, 862 flights have been canceled this Sunday. A total of 4,041 were delayed in the US.

Chicago’s O’Hare Airport suffered the most cancellations and delays on Sunday, with about 12% of flights canceled and 35% delayed.

In Chicago, it rained heavily today, including a Flash Flood Warning That was in effect until 3 p.m. local time for parts of Cook County.

Weekend to cancel

A total of 657 flight cancellations and 7,267 delays occurred within, to or from the United States on Saturday.

American Airlines canceled 4% of its flights and delayed 24% of its flights on Saturday, according to FlightAware.

United canceled 4% of its flights and delayed 23%, followed by Delta with 2% cancellation and 22% delay on Saturday, FlightAware notes.

According to the site, 41 percent of JetBlue flights and 36 percent of Southwest flights were postponed on Saturday.

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