Nespresso continues its efforts to recover coffee

Nespresso continues its work to restore the coffee crops

a program Reviving the origins of Nespresso It continues to help local coffee farmers restore crops Coffee is in danger of disappearing Because of war conflicts, economic crises or natural disasters. This year, Nespresso announces a new launch within this program, Coffee ‘Mama frightened Uganda(Hope from Uganda), Prof. limited edition From the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda.

Additionally, after increasing productivity in the regions of Zimbabwe and Colombia, where it was possible to increase 9% and 10% productivityThis year, Nespresso continues to operate in Uganda.

In this country, climate change, agricultural practices and economic difficulties have made high-quality coffee production a challenge. For this reason, the company is in In cooperation with Agri Evolve, A company dedicated to improving farmers’ productivity, I worked with More than 2000 coffee growers, And providing them with the training and knowledge needed to improve the quality and productivity of coffee, without losing sustainable agricultural practices.

“In some regions, coffee products are at risk of disappearing due to climate change, military conflicts, or economic crises.” Through Reviving Origins, Nespresso Provides support for these coffee crops, Help them Renewing your local economy And most importantly, their communities, ”says Guillaume Le Confe, CEO of the brand.

Reviving Origins 2019 was born inside Programa AAA Sustainable Quality Nespresso, the brand’s sustainable sourcing model in origin countries, is currently investing in 10 million Swiss francs For five years (2019-2023)

Johnny Rowland, The owner and CEO of Agri Evolve confirms, “Collaborating with Nespresso provides a Ongoing support to the Roenzori Ben farmers. Through community projects and teamwork, there is not only growth and development in coffee crops but also in Improving environmental and social measures From communities. ”Rwenzori coffee growers now have the opportunity to share their quality coffee with the world, allowing them to do so. Generate more income for their family Giving confidence to societies and families with a sustainable future in growing coffee for future generations. “

“Esperaza de Uganda” coffee is a “unique” coffee of origin with notes of sandalwood and refined flowers, with medium acidity and body. Espresso INCIDAD 8 It grows in a unique area surrounded by shade and the nutrients that banana trees provide. at Macchiato milk, Biscuits and soft fruit ingredients come to life in a sweet and balanced cup.

“Amawa dread Uganda” Estará Available As of May 26 in 31 countries around the world, Along with two coffees Leave Zimbabwe s Colombian hope, Which will be available again in 2020 after launching last year.

According to the company, Reviving Origins’ long-term goal is to “incorporate this coffee at risk of disappearing into.” Permanent extentAnd making them available to the consumer throughout the year, and thus helping the coffee growers to do so Improve the quality and production of your crops“, Generating economic benefits and alliances in each of these regions.

Blockchain technology to follow the coffee trail

On the other hand, Nespresso is launching this year for the first time Consumer behavior data From the AAA Sustainable Quality Program using Blockchain technology. This new platform was initially used in Zimbabwe Follow the AAA coffee path From crops of the African country to the brand’s production center in Switzerland.

In addition, through this program, the tracking process has been developed since its inception in 2003, which allows this Trace coffee from individual crops. Users of the blockchain platform will be able to take a closer look at some of the crops, learn how much coffee is produced in them and how much high-quality coffee Nespresso buys.

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