NEW: Dude London's Spanish Early Childhood Development Program Provides Aid to Ugandan Community Modeled to the Hip Hop Beat

NEW: Dude London's Spanish Early Childhood Development Program Provides Aid to Ugandan Community Modeled to the Hip Hop Beat

Dude London created the campaign Money makes money For the NGO Development Communities, which works in eastern Uganda, in an area called Bulambuli, which is a rural community in that country that desperately needs investment. Their goal is to help the community access business and finance courses and help with new ideas and advice for small businesses.

London agency Dude, with support from PR firm Third City, created a campaign showcasing people in the community as entrepreneurs with the ambition, energy and drive to create their own businesses. This spot is based on the idea that it is often difficult for those who have nothing to earn money and move forward in life.

“To connect a rural village in Uganda to everyone living in major cities around the world, we needed a global vision with a local flair,” says Koro Pekweras, Dude's executive creative director.

In the video, community members are seen making fake jewelry, flashy cars, and even a helicopter out of recycled materials like straws, plastic bottles, and cardboard. To keep the project real and authentic, Dude made sure the video was produced entirely in Uganda. They invited director and founder of Wakaliwood Film Studio, Isaac Nabwana, to work directly on the film, and asked Ugandan rap artists Byg Ben Sukuya, MC Yallah and Jorah MC to create and record the songs. The main theme of the campaign contains a mix of English, Luganda (the majority language in Uganda) and Logiso, the local Bulambuli dialect.

Third City Assistant City Manager Lauren Westmore noted, “Money makes money It subverts many of the normal rules of a charity fundraising campaign: a clever idea combined with amazing local talent and overwhelming positive energy has resulted in a campaign that not only feels fresh, but will hopefully attract the investment Bulambuli deserves for the community to thrive.”

pilar Tejon, Guardian Communities for Development concluded by highlighting that “the area in which we work often suffers from drought and floods, and now the pandemic is not helping our local business owners. But we have always tried to show the positive side of things, and present our community members in a positive and cheerful way. This is the second time In which we work with Dude and we love the fun, sarcasm and positive tone of voice of the campaigns they create for us. We hope a lot of people will donate money, because, as rapper Bulambuli Big Ben says in the video, “money makes money.”

Those wishing to donate can go to the website Money makes money.

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