NGO condemns violations and exploitation of workers in World Cup hotels in Qatar

Migrants working in country hotels linked to FIFA To host teams and fans during world Cup of football which will be held between November and December suffers from cases of abuse and exploitation, caused by the country’s labor legislation, denounced on Thursday a non Governmental Organization.

british organization horseswhich specializes in the defense of human and labor rights, published a report based on interviews with 80 workers from institutions in the Persian Gulf region, Majority of 13 out of 17 hotel groups have partnership agreements with the event organization.

between the Abuses denounced by these employees include wage discrimination based on nationality and raceNon-payment and unilateral salary cuts, workload, sexual harassment of women by colleagues, termination of contract without prior notice or lack of adequate health measures.

horses He attributes these attitudes to the “legal and governmental context,” because “workers are deprived of the basic right of association, and They are subject to extensive surveillance and monitoring by their employers, as well as a fear of retaliation – including deportation at the employer’s request.– To defend their rights.

The non Governmental Organization It is reported that, as in the rest of the Persian Gulf states, the majority of migrant workers in Qatar, which is largely dependent on foreign labor like its neighbors, come from African countries. (eg Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Morocco) or South Asia (India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines…).

The report acknowledges that the taste It has made progress in its labor legislation since its selection in 2010 as the headquarters of world Cup this year, but urges it to continue progressing in that process “toward minimum international standards for its two million migrant workers in the years following the World Cup”.

The main person responsible for implementing these reforms in the country state, but also the very FIFA and hotel groups, most of which are well-known international chains.

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