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The Haitians found in Nuevo Laredo One of its main gates to United Statewhere no less than 2,250 people from this country reside in that border town of Tamaulipas waiting for their turn to achieve American dream.

owner Secretary of the Municipality of Nuevo LaredoJuan Angel Martinez Salazar explained that the government of United State In recent weeks, the number of appointments has increased so that immigrants from Haiti can complete the process allowing them to enter legally.

The number was increasing, you can see in the streets that the presence of our Haitian brothers has increased because in the United States more people can cross“, stated.

He said that a neighboring country from the north increased its income Haitians Which initially was 25 people a day, is currently 120.

They find it attractive to use this border bridge, however, the registration of Haitians crossing into the United States is done by various religious groups and international immigrant organizations“, stated.

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Migrants fill the shelters in Nuevo Laredo

He explained that as soon as the arrival HaitianSa Nuevo Laredotheir number reached 3,500, while now the figure is about 2250.

Shelters are now in maximum security…what we have done as a municipal government is humanitarian aid because this is a humanitarian government

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He explained that there are no reports that immigrants He comes to commit criminal acts, since none of them were on the municipal balustrade. I announce that before this new arrival they will resume vaccination campaign of immigrants against COVID-19.

Migrants who live in Nuevo Laredo have a work permit

He pointed out that it is possible to see immigrants work, since National Institute of Migration Grant them a permanent residence permit.

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They’re on a program and they’re going to the US, and they’re doing it gradually, very few of them are going to stay here

Of the 2500 people we have, 90% are from Haiti, the rest are from Venezuela and some of them came from Chile.The municipal official said after announcing that nThe new Laredo become a gate United State to Haitians.

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