Occupations and trades with more offers in the US to work on H2-A and H2-B visas | international | News

Occupations and trades with more offers in the US to work on H2-A and H2-B visas |  international |  News

Do you want to work in the United States? The North American country holds several business visas so that companies can hire foreigners temporarily.

According to the Employment Certification Office for Foreigners in 2021 reportshows what occupations are most in demand in the United States, according to the different types of visas.

The most in-demand professions and trades in the United States

the number of H-2A visas The grant is not specific to the fiscal year and can be increased or decreased according to needs.

Foreigners who are appointedThey can be used on farms or greenhouses for a maximum of three years, but the visa is renewable.

It is a prerequisite to have an employer in the United States to apply for an H-2A visa. Here is step by step to order it.

What are the 10 most in-demand occupations in the US to work on an H-1B visa?

The most in-demand occupations in this category are:

  1. Farmers and reapers. 274,939 approved positions, with a rate of 86.6%.
  2. Agricultural equipment and machinery operator. 20,088 certified jobs, 6.4%.
  3. farmers. 13,357 approved positions, 4.2%.
  4. Farm construction work. 3,518 certified jobs, 1.1%.
  5. Other business. 1,196 approved positions, 0.4%.
  6. Drivers of tractors and heavy machinery. 1,084 approved positions, 0.3%.
  7. Agricultural Products Classifiers. 810 certified jobs 0.3%.
  8. Agricultural supervisors. 759 certified jobs at 0.2%.
  9. Farm labor contractors. 550 jobs approved at 0.2%.
  10. Packers. 280 certified jobs, 0.1%.
Contracted foreigners can work in agricultural fields or greenhouses. George Rose / Getty Images

Reasons for refusal to enter Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

H-2B Visa for Occupational Work

through the program H-2B visasCorporations incorporated in the American Confederation have the power to recruit foreigners and place them in temporary, non-agricultural jobs.

For this method, workers are hired with or without experienceFor those who do not need academic or professional qualifications to work.

With this visa, you can gain access to jobs in jobs like gardening, construction, cleaning and hospitality. Likewise, it can be used as a forestry worker, waiter, factory worker, and animal care worker, among others.

How to process an H-2B visa to work in the US through commerce

Keep in mind that the H-2B visa is only valid for working with the company indicated in the document, so it is recommended that you do not change companies without a permit, it is illegal. So avoid problems with the authorities More information on this link.

With an H-2B visa, you can gain access to jobs in jobs such as landscaping, construction, cleaning, and hospitality.

The most in-demand occupations in this category are:

  1. Landscapers, gardeners and maintenance workers. They take 37.6% of visas.
  2. Slicers and workers processing meat, poultry and fish. They take 9.8% of the available visas.
  3. Forest conservation workers. They have 7.9% of visas.
  4. Maid service and cleaning. They take 6.6% of visas.
  5. Workers in recreation centers (eg amusement parks). 6.4% of visas.
  6. Workers, loaders and carriers. 2.6% of visas.
  7. Restaurant chefs. They take 2.6% of available H-2B visas.
  8. waiters. They receive 2.6% of the available visas.
  9. construction workers. They have 1.9% of visas.
  10. Animal breeders (not livestock breeders). They have 1.2% of visas. (me)

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