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Nicias Rene Aridjis Vazquezformer director of urban works and development in the mayor’s office Someone named Benito Juareztoday is required of Capital Prosecutor’s Office on charges of allegedly illicit enrichment as a result of his participation in the so-called “real estate cartel”registered with the Mexican Intellectual Property Institute (IMP).IMPI) 19 brands he opened business with, namely aesthetics and pizzerias — and the latter, with their names —. Today these companies operate in commercial yards in CDMX, particularly in Benito Juárez.

These are Stoa Beauty Center and Nicia’s Pizzas. The first trademark registration was requested on July 16, 2012, when Arigis was a public servant. To date, according to its Internet portal, 10 branches are operating, four of which are in commercial yards in Benito Juarez. Meanwhile, Nicia’s Pizzas is a brand that applied for registration only a year ago, in August 2021, and so far has five branches in operation: two in shopping centers in Benito Juarez, one in Álvaro Obregón, and one in Gustavo A. Madero and one in Cuernavaca, Morelos.

A review of the web pages of these companies shows, for example, that many of the trademarks registered under the Aridjis name have a presence precisely in the commercial arena located at Dakota 95, in the Naples neighborhood, in Benito Juárez.

In this square there are branches of Stoa Beauty Center, Nicia’s Pizzas and also a podiatry shop under the name Feet Care Solutions, a trademark registered in the name of the former official in 2012.

Among the nineteen trademarks registered under his name, there are also Barbacoa de Palmillas, Barbacoa El Tarasco, El Borrego Contento, El Borrego Tarasco 100% organic, El Palacio de la Barbacoa, and La Barbacoa de la Penca, as well as the El Rinconcito Chiapas Café. Gourmet, in 2×3, La Mansión de las Catrinas, La Romería, Lamb’s BBQ, Ribs & Wings, Lamber’s BBQ, Ribs & Wings, Safari Kids Aesthetics for Kids, La Cañada del Pintor, Ariasa and Sérpico. The latter is intended for advertising and business management.

According to the 2016 asset statement, Aridjis reported net income of 971,980 pesos, but in the other income category it reported 4,058,880 pesos. Meanwhile, in 2017, he announced income of 1 million 283 thousand and 275 pesos and in other income it amounted to 3 million 384 thousand 746 pesos.

Other companies

Nicias Aridjis is also solely responsible for the legal entity Administradora Sanre, SA de CV, according to the Articles of Incorporation consulted in the General Register of Trade.

The said company was incorporated on February 21, 2017 and has, among other corporate things, management of real estate intended for housing and any other legal use; Carrying out all kinds of brokerage, trading, buying, selling, disposing, exploiting, renting, managing, franchising, as well as advice, in relation to all types of houses, movable and immovable property of any kind in general.

Likewise, the former official, who was already disqualified by the Comptroller in 2011 for alleged illegal enrichment, also had a stake in Construcciones y Desarrollos Virtuales, SA de CV, in which it was confirmed that the former delegate’s sister also took part in Benito. Juarez Christian von Rohresh.

This company was established on November 13, 2002 and was intended to carry out, advise, supervise and manage under contract or on its own behalf all types of construction projects for public or private works; Celebrating and/or implementing projects, building designs, expansion, rebuilding, decoration and in general providing all types of real estate advisory services, including preparing evaluations and planning for all types of construction and others.

Initially, the partners of this company were Juan Herman Martín Aridjis Vázquez and Ana Guadalupe Vitelic Muñoz, who owned 50% of the company’s shares. In the articles of incorporation, of which political animal He has a copy, it has been announced that Juan Hermann Martín Arriez Vázquez will be the sole official and that Ana Guadalupe Vitelec Muñoz will be the supervisory advisor. According to the document, both shareholders lived at the same address.

In 2015, a change was made in the company’s attorney: Juan Herman Martín Arriez Vázquez remained the sole administrator, giving general power of attorney to Nicias and Sandra Lucia Arrigues Vásquez so that they could also act as legal counsel for the company.

Three years later, in December 2018, a new assembly was held, on this extraordinary occasion, the sole official was appointed Soraya Sophia von Rohrich, sister of Christian von Rohrichwho until February 2018 served as head of the delegation in Benito Juárez.

“It is also emphasized that in view of the incorporation of the new partners, C. has been appointed, ensuring that it is duly managed in accordance with the social status of the company and who, for the performance of his position, is conferred with all powers relating to Clause IX of the Articles of Association of the company, in accordance with the Articles of Association (sic)”, reads document.

In March 2021, at her own request, Sophia Soraya von Rohrich’s position as official and legal representative was abolished, leaving these responsibilities to Sarah Daniel Gutierrez Isla.

Nicias Aridjis is wanted by the Capital Prosecutor’s Office because it is assumed that he and former legal and government director Benito Juárez, Luis Vizcaino Carmonaare the heads of the so-called “real estate cartel” who, taking advantage of their positions as officials, pressured the builders, in return for granting them building permits, to obtain property that they would have illegally enriched themselves.

Vizcano was arrested on 30 July and remains in justified preventive detention in the North Prison. Meanwhile, Arrigis promoted the protection of Amparo to avoid arrest.

Louis Vizcaino Companies

As part of the evidence against Vizcaíno Carmona, the capital’s attorney general’s office asserted that during his public assignment he would have obtained more than 65 million pesos through deposits in the accounts of Residencial Cami and Residencial Mariposa, two companies the former official allegedly owned.

No record was found for both companies in the General Register of Trade. However, the constitution of two others is noted, which shows Luis Vizcaino as the sole official.

It is related to Construcciones LVB, SA de CV, created on July 12, 2017 and whose purpose is the purchase, sale, rental, projection, design and implementation of construction in general, urbanization, subdivision, formation of the property system in condominiums, repair, maintenance, management and trade of all types of real estate among other things.

According to the articles of incorporation, the original card of which was kept in custody at the request of the capital’s public prosecutor’s office, the owners and directors of this company are Vizcaíno and Carlos Alberto Murad Coss.

Another company created by Vizcaíno is Construmex y Cía. VGL, SA de CV, which also includes Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez Alatori, Vizcaíno’s wife, as a shareholder.

This legal person was created on August 4, 2020 and is registered with the same other corporate entities. Like the other company, at the prosecution’s request, the original paper was protected.

This Thursday, August 4, Vizcaíno was linked to a trial for allegedly illicit enrichment. The probation judge has given three months to conduct the supplementary investigation, during which time the defense and prosecution must gather all evidence so that the judge can decide whether the former official will face trial for the crime attributed to him. shown. As long as this occurs, he should remain in justified remand.

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