Oxkutzcab girls stand out in national science competitions

Oxkutzcab girls stand out in national science competitions

Merida, Yuk. – Students from Oxkotskap municipalityYucatan, will represent Mexico at the international science fair “Facitec Girasoles Paraguay 2022”, which will be held in that country from August 22-28.

Likewise, the group of young scientists belonging to the Alchemists of Education group at the “Valentín Gómez Farias” Primary School in Oxkutzcab, will participate in the upcoming National Science Fair, to be held in San Luis Potosi, from 6-9 December. This is 2022.

To participate in these small national and international events Evelyn Noemi Lugo Gongora s Andrea Gabriela Burgos Maganaparticipated for the first time in Yucatan Science Expo 2021 with its “Mayan Science” project.

In this way they obtained accreditation for Durango National Science Expo 2021 and thanks to their innovative project, the students obtained a certificate to represent Mexico in International Science Fair in Paraguay which they will travel to in August.

Girls teachers feel proud

In an interview, the project’s founder and teacher of girls, Freddy de Jesus Gongora Cabrera, “Extraordinary Teacher Prize: Mexico’s National Teacher Prize”, shared his joy at being a consultant and witness to the growth of members of the Alchemists Education Group.

Only last July 6, with the aim of motivating more girls to participate in Expo Ciencias Yucatán 2022, they added students from more schools in the municipality.

In this way, a representative team of Oxkutzcab was formed, composed of Kiddy MathZen Montess Tonefrom Valentin Gómez Farias Primary School; Elena Georgina Bacho GongoraFrom “Felipe Carrillo Puerto”; s Karel Ton Lopezfrom “José Andrés Espinosa Colonia”.

From this collaboration arose a project called “The Dance of the Bees. A Prototype for Scientific Communication,” which seeks to elucidate the way bees use mathematics to communicate.

Due to their contribution, they have won first place and a pass to participate in the upcoming San Luis Potosi National Science Fair 2022, from December 6-9, 2022.

Fredy Góngora explained that Alchemists of Education is a project that set the role of girls in science, and set a unique precedent, as it is the school’s first class to achieve consecutive victories, both nationally and internationally.

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