Parachute and perspective trick


Umbrellas unlike it

The latest update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the popular and currently best-selling Nintendo game, includes a series of new items and options that users are quickly starting to take advantage of on their Day on the Island. Few people, however, would have imagined that one of these particular elements could provide a lot of play. What is this wildcard object? Well, you wouldn’t believe it, but it is A simple canopy.

Yes, the parachute arriving with the latest AC update is the thing in charge of talking again today about this Nintendo game that has already shown, repeatedly and despite its limitations, that if you have a little bit of ingenuity, you can reach You do very creative things. In addition, it is now improved thanks to new options and access to customization functions for different objects somewhat more comprehensively than those already in place.

So, with all the customization and umbrella capabilities listed above, There are players who are able to create “new” creatures.. To be more precise, the cubes that mimic other cubes are not present within the game itself. Thus, for example, it can be seen from a dog or cat house to a fish tank. But these are just a few examples, searching can give you hundreds of additional results.

What they do, in case it’s difficult to see, is adjust each of the six triangles that make up this hexagonal canopy. Thus, once you put it in place and the position it is in, it performs a simple perspective trick that makes you think that what you are seeing is something else. For example, pet houses, fish bowls, flower boxes and even a Nintendo Gamecube can be created and displayed in your home so that when your friends come, they can be spooked by the color.

Experience the creativity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Undoubtedly, Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch can be remembered as the game that made millions of users happy during its months of confinement, and also as the title that managed to sell thousands and thousands of units in the blink of an eye practically, etc. . But the best way is to remember it as a game that, despite its flaws, allowed all the creativity of its users to be shown.

Because with Animal Crossing, scenes from movies, series, music videos, and more are recreated. Now umbrellas are the new multifunctional object. Although we still think that the change in the camera options will actually be the last thing to see how in this game there are those who will be able to practically everything.

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