Peak Time Season 2: Release Date, Renewal, Spoiler Updates


Korean pop music, popularly known as K-pop, has undeniably taken the world by storm. Its popularity has sparked a new wave of reality television competitions, among which Peak Time on JTBC stands out.

This South Korean reality show has captivated global audiences with its unique blend of drama, competition, and enticing insight into the ever-evolving world of K-pop.

With the exciting news of a potential second season in the pipeline, fans are eager to find out more about this beloved show’s journey and future.

Quick Facts

  • No of Seasons- 1
  • First Episode – Feb 25, 2023
  • Genre – Black comedy
  • Language – Korean
  • Where to Watch – JTBC
  • Season 2 Update -Unconfirmed

Popularity of the Show


Peak Time debuted with a fresh concept, featuring K-pop artists who were looking to break into the global scene. The format appealed to audiences worldwide, as it allowed fans to gain deeper insights into their favourite bands while enjoying stellar performances.

Not just K-pop aficionados, even casual viewers found themselves drawn to the raw talent, determination, and charisma of these musicians, leading to the show becoming an international sensation.

Peak Time Season 2: Release Date

The first season of Peak Time was released recently, creating an impressive wave in the entertainment industry. Its phenomenal success has fans around the globe eagerly anticipating the release of the second season.

Although there has been no official confirmation about the exact date from JTBC, given the show’s popularity, it’s highly likely that we might be able to enjoy the second season at end of 2024.

Peak Time Season 1: Recap

The first season of Peak Time followed a group of K-pop bands who were looking to make their mark on a global stage. Hosted by Lee Seung-gi, a renowned K-pop artist, the show presented these bands an opportunity to showcase their talent to a worldwide audience.

The performances were evaluated by a panel of judges that included eminent personalities from the world of K-pop, including Jay Park, Kim Sung-kyu, and Tiffany Young from SM Entertainment.

Each episode was filled with electrifying performances, heart-touching backstories, and emotional eliminations. The first season concluded on a high note, leaving fans wanting more of this immersive journey into the world of K-pop.

Peak Time Season 2: Renewal Statistics

Given the impressive viewership and positive feedback from the audience, Peak Time stands a high chance of returning for a second season. The official renewal status is still pending from JTBC, but given the show’s success, it seems highly plausible that the network would want to capitalize on its popularity.

Peak Time Season 2 Spoiler?

If the show is renewed, the second season of Peak Time will likely follow a similar format, with new K-pop bands competing for global recognition.

Fans can expect more phenomenal performances, emotional moments, and an inside look into the lives of these aspiring musicians. With the continued guidance of the celebrated host and expert panel of judges, the bands will embark on another challenging journey to reach the pinnacle of the K-pop world.

Ratings of the Show

Peak Time was a hit with audiences and critics alike, achieving impressive ratings. The gripping narrative, the contestants’ inspiring journeys, and the high-energy performances were lauded by reviewers. The show’s unique blend of competition and music struck a chord with the audience, leading to consistently high viewership throughout the first season. It has rating of 8.4 on my dramalist and 9.4 on rakuten viki byt the users

Review of the Show

Peak Time offers a unique perspective into the world of K-pop, making it a must-watch for any music enthusiast. The competition is fierce, the performances are spectacular, and the personal journeys of the contestants are inspiring.

The show does a fantastic job of highlighting the talent, determination, and hard work required to succeed in the K-pop industry. For any aspiring artist or fan of K-pop, Peak Time is a masterclass in entertainment and an emotional roller-coaster that is worth every second.

Where to Watch

Peak Time is exclusively available on Viki, a popular streaming platform for Asian dramas and reality shows. With a diverse range of shows and movies, Viki offers an enriching viewing experience for the audience.


In the ever-growing arena of reality competition shows, Peak Time stands out with its unique premise, talented contestants, and a deep dive into the captivating world of K-pop.

The potential for a second season only heightens the anticipation, promising more outstanding performances and the emergence of new K-pop sensations. As we wait for official updates on the second season, one thing is clear – Peak Time has left an indelible mark on the world of reality television, and its journey is just beginning.


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