Three students from Ixastula revealed in the Deusto tropics to Sandra Ahedo González-Zabaleta, from Eusko Trenbide Sarea. They analyzed plant movement ability for 2 months in response to a stimulus and yesterday announced their progress at this forum held in Ensanche Hall. Your research may have many purposes yet to be determined, including the best location for the plant.

In addition to the presentation of the study on Monday Peer meeting initiative, at any Young participants from Bizilabe-Bilbao, The first research and entertainment center in STEAM regions in the Basque Country, Meet researchers and professionals in this field.

In this encounter Young people shared their science and technology projects throughout the course with STEAM specialists from Bilbao companies And from the world of research, while showing them the projects they are working on.

Some are related to programming, such as building a safe, programming a pistol that fires table tennis balls, and programming a video game. In the field of microbiology the effectiveness of various antiseptics is analyzed. In the energy field, a portable solar charger and microplastics are being constructed to calculate and characterize the presence of this waste on the beaches.

Al-Hayar Scientific Unit coordinator Garazzi Andonegi alluded to the importance of real references for young people. He expressed his gratitude for the presence of Anbiolab, which belongs to the Aclima group; BCAM, Eusko Trenbide Sarea, Formula Student, Team Biskay, of UPV / EHU, Gestionet, Ihobe and Innovative Food Machinery.

Among the centers participating in the study presented yesterday are Artxandape, Kirikiño ikastolas, Berri-Otxoa, Jesuitas-Indautxu, El Ave María, Sagrado Corazón, Esclavas del Sagrado Corazón-Fátima, Sanro Apóstol, and Salesians in Deusto and Ignacio Schools with -Zurbaran, Eskurtze, Ibaizabal, San Adrián, and San Ignacio for secondary education.

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