Peru. Women distinguish between young men and men who walk dogs without breed | Viral controversy – Grupo Milenio

Peru.  Women distinguish between young men and men who walk dogs without breed |  Viral controversy – Grupo Milenio

The Discrimination has always been present. It is not a recent issue. however, It’s now when he’s being referred to the most in order to eradicate and end him once and for all. For this reason, a video went viral in which a young woman accused a group of ladies who did Zumba of discriminating against a woman To take several non-breed dogs in Miraflores, Lima, Peru. We tell you what happened and why it caused the outrage.

This unfortunate story was released by TikTok from the Adriana Muñoz account.

According to her testimony, the injured woman was walking several dogs – as part of her job – on the Miraflores Pass. However, she would never have imagined that she would find a group of women attacking her just because she did not have “breed” dogs.

Even though the dogs were leashed, the women who danced Zumba started yelling at him. They shouted, “Your dog can drive me.” Although she was advised not to pay attention to them, the women continued to make allegations, insults and even physical assaults. So he started recording.

“That lady laughing is the one who offended me the most. She told me I was crazy, she pushed me and told me to touch her. This other one took my cell phone out of my hand and I shouldn’t have done that.”

And as if that weren’t enough, the young woman held the slogan that they don’t want her in the place, because she’s not welcome in the area:

“You’re annoying, get out of here. They shouted at him.

The tension continued to the point where they complained about the dogs that were not of the breed:

“Besides, your funny, angry dog ​​is on the loose, does that sound good to you?” They said.

After the assaults, the dog walker noted that the women reported that she “did not look like Miraflores”:

“I pay your taxes! Where did you come from? Go back to the cone you came from. I definitely came from San Juan Hill. They even said I’m not Miraflores. I live here and have this space for a year.”

As expected, this controversial issue has spread with multiple reactions, copying, and comments against discrimination. On the other hand, Carlos Angeles – District Counsellor – also acted in this case and requested a penalty for discrimination, as well as the intervention of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.


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