Photographer searching for homeowners resisting an eruption in La Palma; this is the picture


The Cumbre Vega volcano eruptionOn the Spanish island palmAnd Leave great photos and videos that are a record of The power of nature The fragility of human life.

In this regard, in Social Networking Photographer Selected David de la Iglesia also managed to catch him Great picture of the moment The most intense eruption of this volcano. In the photo, a small house is shown while in background overlooking the volcano employment Intense red and orange colours.

The Confident photographer on Twitter Who is looking for the family who owns the small house to give them a printout of this photo they took.

in that website very Copies of the image can be purchased with the title “Resistremos” And that’s in a few hours.

So far This picture has more than 23 thousand reactions, More than 4 thousand retweets and dozens of comments indicate the details and strength of the volcano.


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