Physicist Abramson says, “The science that will emerge from James Webb is just beginning.”

Physicist Abramson says, “The science that will emerge from James Webb is just beginning.”

Since last Monday The world was amazed by the wonderful images provided by the James Webb Telescopewhich was launched into space on December 25, 2021. In this we From Radio RN (105.7 in Roca and 90.9 in Neuquén) speak with Guillermo Abramson, Ph.D. in Physics and Professor at the Instituto Balseiro de Bariloche, to learn more about the results offered by this new technology and the advances it entails in science.

Abramson, who is also CONICET Principal Investigator explained the importance of images and all information that James Webb can provide.

The first four pictures They are truly extraordinary and better than we could have imagined. Plus it’s beautiful. It is worth bearing in mind that The telescope does not detect visible light, that is, what we see with our eyesBut it is designed to detect infrared rays that are invisible to the human eye,” the scientist initially explained.

“The reason is explained in this To be Hubble’s successor, he has to dig deep into ancient objectsin space and even inside some objects in space because light is able to penetrate the dust that fills the space between stars and galaxies. What we saw is translating into visible light, and the information is all in the infrared.” Abramson.

Regarding the images released by NASA, Abramson confirmed: “The most impressive picture is the first deep field This is the picture that was distributed on Monday night from Casa Rosada.

A Ph.D. in Physics indicated that it is complex picture. “You see a lot of things. stars are seenwhich are the stars with six small rays, and those are the individual stars that belong to our galaxy and They are part of our group of stars that make up the galaxy – Every galaxy contains hundreds of billions of stars – apart from those, everything The rest of the “spots” that we see are galaxies like the Milky Way. Each spot is a set of Hundreds of billions of stars, planets and comets. Hinge.

When asked if some of the stars seen no longer exist, Abramson explained: “The people nearby are definitely still there. But the ones in those galaxies definitely don’t exist anymore. The closest are white. These distant galaxies form a group of galaxies that are the building blocks of the universe. “

When explaining the reason for the talk of specialists You can explain the origin of the universe and see things from the pastProfessor Balsero commented: “Telescopes They are like time machines that allow us to see the past. The reason is that the light produced by any object is moving at a finite, colossal but finite speed. This means that it takes some time to reach our eyes. If we look at a distant galaxy, We see it as it was billions of years ago, and the farther we go, the older it is. Those that look like dots are almost as old as the entire universe.”

That’s what Webb does. Study what galaxies were like when they were formed when they were small galaxies. These are the questions for which this tool was designed and from which one This deep field is the first image, and the science that will come out of this is just the beginning,” he concluded William Abramson.

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