Piedad Cordoba denounces the extortionary messages relating to ambassadors in the United States

Piedad Cordoba denounces the extortionary messages relating to ambassadors in the United States
Bogota. October 02, 2019. Pidad Cordoba, former senator of the Republic (Colbrenca – Diego Pineda)

La excongresista y candidata al Senado por el Pacto Histórico Piedad Córdoba denunció este martes que ha sido víctima de mensajes extorsivos por parte de un supuesto funcionario consular que le ofrece un video que invoomeneciraj a United State.

Through a statement, the former parliamentarian confirmed that on February 10 she received a message via WhatsApp from a person who identified himself as Mario Hernandez, who is supposed to be a consular official, the name of which coincides with the Minister Counselor for Economic Affairs and the Private Sector. Who would have called her from the “number corresponding to the number publicly displayed as a keypad” the Colombian Embassy in Washington.

“He sent me an email to my personal email which I am publicly revealing so that the information I am submitting can be verified. I was shown a video that included, among others, Ambassadors Juan Carlos Pinzon and Alejandro Ordonez, as well as US official Michael Cusack, Under Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, plotting to extradite me and establish new judicial bodies in the midst of the current election campaign against the potential victory of Gustavo PetroThe former senator confirmed.

Likewise, he noted that the subject demanded an economic reward for this information, which he described as “a clear extortion act, if not a false extortion,” and was contacted by a “Colombian subscriber, sent by a Washington operator,” who insisted on meeting him. personally to give him the reward, who assured him, “He seeks to intimidate me by announcing immediate legal action against me, me and my family.”

Because of these facts, Cordoba has requested the Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, Marta Lucia Ramirez, to provide the relevant explanations before the public and the authorities regarding this alleged action by diplomats under its responsibility, both in connection with the extortion by the subject identified as Mario Hernandez, as One of the ambassadors implicated in the alleged extradition noted that it was unacceptable for him to remain silent in the face of these “criminal acts in the midst of the increasing absence of safeguards for the conduct of politics.”

This irregular procedure clearly represents harassment of the political opposition and seeks to interfere in the ongoing parliamentary and presidential elections. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that a similar modus operandi has been introduced.. This peculiar measure was modeled after the one carried out the previous year against Senator Victoria Sandino and the other signatories to the peace agreement, as reported at the time by El Espectador, which, although irresponsibly condemned before the appropriate authorities, was not No progress. In her clarification, the former senator said.

Finally, he asked the nation’s attorney general, Francisco Barbosa, to open a rigorous and equally expeditious investigation into the “publicity issues” with which he predicted the outcome of these events, and to the authorities in the United States to review complaints and take appropriate measures to prevent “exodus from their territory and in connivance with their officials from promoting interference in the Campaign”.

“Enough of political persecution. If they didn’t scare me in my four decades of politics, they wouldn’t do it now”, concluded the candidate for the Senate Pidad Córdoba.

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