Player creates a summary screen of Pokémon GO – Nintenderos raids


More than a combat challenge, guys Pokemon GO Often they go through raids to have the opportunity to catch him Legendary Pokemon, Which is usually the strongest in statistics and most used in the competitive division.

But attractive invasions Pokemon GO It can also become a little adventure in which coaches can test effectiveness Pokemon Or your own teamwork with other coaches, if only Niantic Make a small change so players can study their progress.

On subreddit from Pokemon GO A player came up with a method that the popular mobile app could provide players with data at the end of each raid. The idea is very simple, but it will be very useful for coaches. Currently, raids only show you a victory message before they lead you to receive rewards for ending the raid. In this idea, at the end of the activity, Pokemon GO It will provide a summary of the entire raid.

Will include data Pokemon User and confrontation, percentage damage the coach inflicts, percentage damage per team, damage to other players, and of course rewards obtained for completing the raid. It would be a great way to improve Pokemon GO, Allowing players to learn more about their combat performance.

The idea was met with significant support from the community, with comments like, “That sounds cool. I’d love to have something like that in the game,” or “I always wish they’d tell you how much damage I did.” It looks like this would be a welcome feature in Pokemon GOBut some are a little optimistic about it. Depending on how good this idea is, Niantic One player says he’ll never implement it. But there are those who do not like the idea: “No! I don’t want other players to know that I’m left behind.

The Idea: The Blitz Battle Summary. From the magazine screen, the user can click on Completed Raid and view a complete summary of his battle. You will gain insights on how to do this in percentage terms and how you can improve the performance of your teams. From Bukimongo

There seems to be all sorts of opinions about implementing the performance summary upon completion of the foray Pokemon GO. What do you think that?


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