Pope’s Angels: Our history is firmly in God’s hands

In his reflection on this Sunday Gospel, he proposes two keys to overcoming fear and the temptation of a negative life: Do not be afraid and be prepared, attentive to others, and available to listen and welcome, because, even in situations where they are us, they are. Who do not expect that the Lord comes.


Pope Francis offered the Marian Prayer to the angels by meditating on the two “basic words” suggested by the Gospel of Sunday “to overcome the fears that sometimes paralyze us and to overcome the temptation of a negative life and numbness.” From the window of his office and before St. Peter’s Square, filled with believers and pilgrims, the Pope took to his disciples the words of Jesus and reassured them to calm their fears and urged them to be vigilant: the first is “Do not bear things, little flock” (Luke 12, 32); the second is “Prepare.” (v. 35).

do not worry

The Holy Father states that Jesus spoke to his disciples about the Father’s loving care, urging them not to worry and be irritated. “Our history is firmly in the hands of God,” the Pope affirms, and for their sake Jesus encourages us not to be afraid:

“Sometimes, in fact, we feel imprisoned by a feeling of mistrust and anguish: it is the fear of not achieving it, of not being recognized and loved, of never being able to carry out our projects, of never feeling happy… and then striving to look for solutions, to find a space in which to appear, to accumulate goods and wealth, to acquire securities; and we end up living in constant worry and anxiety.”

Instead, Francis assures us, Jesus reassures us and asks us not to be afraid, and to trust the Father who has already given us His Son, His Kingdom, and always accompanies us in His providence.

“But knowing that the Lord cares about us with love, he does not allow us to sleep, we drift ourselves into laziness! On the contrary, we must be vigilant and alert. In fact, love means paying attention to others, being aware of their needs, being ready to listen and welcome, being ready.”

be ready

The second call of Jesus in the Gospel is to prepare, and the Bishop of Rome confirms and mentions some of the words of Saint Augustine: “I am afraid that the Lord will pass by my side and I do not realize it.” Being asleep and not noticing that the Lord is passing by.

“It is necessary to be awake, not to sleep, that is, not to be distracted, and not to succumb to inner laziness, because even in situations where we do not expect, the Lord comes.”

Francis warns that God “at the end of our lives will ask us to account for the good he has entrusted to us.” It’s also about “taking responsibility, guarding, and faithfully managing those assets,” from our families or our faith, to our city and our creation. Hence Francis advised us to ask ourselves whether we take care of this legacy that the Lord has left us, if we guard it or use it selfishly or for comfort.

Brothers and sisters – concluded the Pope – let us walk without fear, in the certainty that the Lord is always with us. Let’s wake up so we don’t sleep while the Lord is passing by. “

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