Quentin Tarantino’s version of ‘Star Trek’ could have had a gangster touch


Quentin Tarantino He’s given us some really great headlines in recent weeks. In his full promotion of the novel Once upon a time in HollywoodThe director commented on what he thinks of his script Natural killers, how much he thinks about adapting Rambo’s adventures with Adam Driver or how he continues to see filmmaking with the arrival of live streaming as a major medium. but no one has thorns nailed residue Star Trek, a copy in his own way that he spent months working on and would have had a file Pulp Fiction Which we know better today thanks to Mark L Smithscreenwriter Rebirth, who worked with Tarantino on the script.

a Star Trek In a certain style: a movie of gangsters in space

For several years since the middle 2017When the project started to hatch, fans were Star Trek Tarantino thought they would hit the jackpot. After the failed reboot in the third batch, Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot are searching for a new director for the epic movie series reborn from its ashes.. And think of Tarantino, who, with his vast body of film and television knowledge, as well as being a huge fan of the original series, could have taken the series to new paths. director responsible for damn bastards, 58, made his copy of Star Trek The major gave him the green light.

The studio hired Mark L. Smith to work with Tarantino on a screenplay firmly to form the starting point imagined by the director. But the changes within Paramount, the advancement of his personal project, Once upon a time in HollywoodI stopped by the possibilities of this story that would have explored Kirk’s comic side. Thanks for the interview on the podcast Writing a bulletproof script (va ScreenRant), Smith addressed how Tarantino’s vision implied something in particular A classic twist on gangster movies from the 1930s, plus time travel of all kinds.

We spent the day watching gangster movies and looking forward to translating those dialogues into Star Trek

“It was through JJ Abrams, via Bad Robot. I’ve done some things with them. And that’s why they always bring me interesting things…but Tarantino, really, wanted to do this. So we all gathered in a room and talked about ways to present the story. Then they called me and said: Hi, are you ready for that? Do you want to go? Quentin wants to flirt with you for the movie“He explains how he ended up on the project.” I said yes, of course. And that was the first day I met Quentin, who was in the room we met. I was reading a scene you wrote, A sequence with a touch of the classic gangster movie, absolutely stunning and gorgeous, and he started acting from one side to the other.”

Tarantino Star Trek

“Really, I got into that role, and so angry I didn’t score it out of respect. That document would have been so valuable. It was incredible. So we started working on the script. One night, I went to his house and we started watching gangster movies.” We stayed there for hours… We’ve stopped relaxing, debating, watching gangster movies, and giving up bad talking., but trying to capture it Spirit for our movie. We want it Kirk bear the brunt of the work. Really, the entire crew had their own moments. It could have been like a special episode. One of the good I had it all, even travels at that time. There was everything. It was a very wild movie‘,” concludes the screenwriter remembering how he tried to make this version come to fruition with Tarantino.

This is consistent with what we knew earlier, that Tarantino was based on an episode of the second season of the original series by Star TrekAnd piece of workThe crew of the Enterprise ended up on a planet where they were stuck in the golden age of the mafia, in the 1920s and 1930s in the United States.

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