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The leaders who were part of the executive committee of . were Colombian Football Federation In 2015, when the Fifagate scandal erupted, they were once again in the crosshairs of a dispute with the Attorney General’s Office, which launched an investigation into their assets.

The asset laundering unit ordered the creation of the assets of several members and former members of Colombia’s top football entity and a former Demayor executive.

(In context: Why is the Prosecutor General’s Office investigating the fortunes of Gisorin and other football “tsars?”)

Why are union leaders under fire?

It must be remembered that the chief of the times, Louis Bedoya He unexpectedly resigned from his position in November 2015 and appeared before a US court. Accepting bank transfer fraud and conspiracy to bribery. The ruling was announced on Friday, but the former leader’s defense requested a new extension, the ninth in his case.

Ramon Jessorin, Vice-President of the Federation at that time and today the supreme commander of the entity, appears in those investigations of the Prosecutor’s Office. EL TIEMPO requested its copy on the matter, but the FCF replied that it would not comment on this.

Ramon Gisorn’s position on this issue

However, Jesurún touched on the topic in an interview with the journalist Carlos Antonio Velez, From Antena 2. “A bit surprising, but it sounds very good to me. They’re talking about Fifagate, not the ballot question as some wanted to show it. It’s a case that happened six and a half years ago that the US authorities investigated and here in Colombia they found absolutely nothing.” “.

Now, the attorney general’s office has decided to investigate all members of the Executive Committee from the time prior to Fifagate, to review their assets. Which I admit is annoying, haha, but I think it’s great that they do it. We are available to provide the information they request.”

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Gisorin asserted that since Bedoya resigned from the Federation and went to the United States, he never contacted him again.


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