Rayados 75: When and where do you see the Monterrey Memorial?


one of the difference Ansar And one of the winners of recent years in Mexican football is, once again, giving a lecture on how to celebrate his birthday in a big way, which is why he is already preparing for the release of his film: scratch 75.

Through its social networks, Monterey offered a small preview of what will be His documentary film that will celebrate 75 years of his life Which depicts the team’s last five years, including most rAl-Najm Al-Sadiq defeated America and participated in the Club World Cup.

Is also Next Sunday 28th JuneOn the day the founding of the Royal Club is celebrated, he will be released hour and a half production Directed by Fernando Caliph, who is again working with Monterey to bring his story to the screen.

“The board called us again to allow us to tell a new documentary again, Primarily with two features, one to celebrate 75 years of life and the other to emphasize the experiences people had in these five years“, The director revealed in an interview with Fox Sports.

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And it is necessary to remember that this is Rayados’ second film, because the first film was released in 2016 and depicted the first 70 years of the Albiazul team’s history, after moving from Regios to ‘steel giant, so it was titled: “back to home”.

Day and time: When does Rayados 75 come out?

The Monterey documentary airs on the day the Albiazol team turns 75: On June 28, 2020.

Hours per country:

Mexico: 10:00 p.m.

United States: 20:00 Pacific Time / 23:00 Eastern Time

Transmission: Where do you see the movie?

Movie Planned It can be seen through the sign Multimedia, on channel 6 and through the gang’s social networks.

Sky: Channel 235

Easy: Channel 6

Cablevision: Channel 106

Dish: Channel 106/206

Megacable: Channel 112

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