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Never listen to negative people when undertaking a project, that is the premise that Robert JaramilloKnown on social media as Robert TVturned his passions into the realization of a dream of becoming an actor.

“Believe in what you’re doing, and be patient because no one is going to give you anything, it’s like going to the gym every day so that you can be proud of your body in six months,” the Venezuelan said in a statement. Interview.who first appeared as an actor in the movie Simon the movieIt is a feature film that is still in post-production.

The path to achieving his goals as a content creator began in the United States after leaving his country, where he studied customs administration and public accounting, but due to the political and economic situation, he decided to leave the company he had in his home country to immigrate to a new country and start from scratch.

“In Venezuela I had a company, an accounting firm, and despite the fact that the situation in the country was deteriorating year after year, I was not a millionaire but I was not in poverty either, but the situation in the country was getting worse and worse,” he said.

Also in Venezuela, he ventured into bodybuilding and this was where he realized that social networks existed and how important they were to the world at that time.

“In 2016 I decided to come to the United States because the situation was very precarious in my country and I didn’t want to stay, but after 5 months I decided to stay and try, and start from scratch in a new country,” he said.

His arrival in the United States was not easy, as he unsuccessfully searched for opportunities in Miami and Middletown, Ohio, before moving to New York, where he spent four years and found stability and projects that helped him adapt better.

“In 2018, I got tired of tough jobs like restaurants, construction and delivery, which are heavy jobs one can’t do for a long time, and after a year I felt like I had something funny inside of me, I always knew I was someone who makes jokes, who takes advantage of any situation to improvise, I’ve always been thus “.

This is how he decided to get into social networks, and after several months of work he began to succeed in comedy videos with which he achieved organic growth in his followers.

“Descubrí que tengo esta pasión por hacer los videos de comedia, esa pasión hizo que yo buscara algunos castings para hacer películas y en el año 2020 tuve la oportunidad de hacer un casting para una película queño va cip a vique aque its name Simon the movieIt is a film that tells the story of Venezuelans who come to the United States who have been subjected to political persecution and come in search of a better future.

The film is in post-production in Hollywood, directed by Diego Vincentini starring Christian McAvney.

Vicentine posted that he was looking for a dark-haired person and posted a photo of a boy whom Roberto Jaramillo’s friends had invited to participate.

“I thought it was very difficult for someone to write an email and give me the opportunity, my sister reminded me on the last day of registering to submit, and what I did was tell my followers to go to this post and tag me, people supported me and there were about 6 thousand people to comment on the director’s post The manager called me and asked: Who are you until you spammed my account.”

This connection afforded him the opportunity to reveal to the film director that he wanted to be an actor, and was able to co-star across the zoo, “The acting process was faced, and there were other talented people, but I was freaked out that I was about to fall, in the script there were a few Shirtless shots and I was physically dressed like the Avengers.”

In March 2021, he was able to meet Vicentini in person, and after a harmony between the two, he won the role.

“When they gave me the opportunity, I could not believe that I would take part in such an important film production. I prepared so much and learned everything, it was a great challenge but thank God when they say work, for me I no longer feel anything, work in the character,” he commented.

“It is one of the most wonderful experiences I have had in my life. A lot has happened since the movie ended and I have heard so many positive comments about the movie and my performance and it makes me very worried.”

Robert TV He discovered his passion for acting when he started making comedy videos for social media.

“Little by little we learned the importance of having a microphone, lighting, camera quality, shot angles and continuity of scene. For me it was a very experiential learning, and I learned everything the hard way. But I loved that experience.”

His comedic style defines her as “realistic,” as he avoids making humor at the expense of others.

“From the beginning I worked on my own, editing videos, producing them, writing my ideas, and doing practically all my characters. In New York, there weren’t many Venezuelan creators, so I used to make all the content myself and now here in Miami I’ve done some collaborations and I’m on About to make a team, I already have a photographer and I’m growing little by little, ”he counted.

He also serves clients for whom he produces and runs advertising videos, where he discovered his ability to write ideas, even though he had no aptitude for creating scenarios.

“I love writing, I never really investigated how to write script, but I started writing and ideas flow, sometimes bad and sometimes good, but I like creating content for brands and companies so they have different ads,” he said.

In the future, Robert TV He would like to follow in the footsteps of his idol, the American actor Wayne JohnsonAnd the Stone.

“This is how I imagine myself, feeling like I have what, in all of his characters, when they need a giant man, it’s him. This is how I see myself, as a giant Venezuelan, who has access to a physique like La Roca, when you need to A giant latin guy called him Robert TV“, pointed out.

He sees himself in the future as a full-time actor, although he does not rule out continuing with comedy, since he has also ventured into the discipline of stand-up comedy.

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