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In the world of metalcore music, Ryan Siew, a promising Australian guitarist from the band Polaris, etched his name with a distinctive style and unmatched talent. But his sudden death on June 19, 2023, at the tender age of 26, left a void in the music industry that echoed worldwide.

Siew’s unexpected demise prompted an outpouring of tributes from his band, fans, and the broader music community, a testament to the impact he made during his short yet influential career.

Ryan Siew Biography

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Ryan Siew was known for his innovative guitar playing skills. His passion for music became apparent at a young age, and by his early teens, he was honing his guitar skills and crafting a unique sound that would later define his career. His talent was undeniable, and soon he found a platform that allowed his skills to shine – Polaris.

Formed in 2012, Polaris was an emerging force in the metalcore scene, and Ryan became an integral part of the band in 2013. Through their music, Polaris tackled sensitive subjects such as mental health, depression, and loss, resonating deeply with fans and solidifying their place in the hearts of listeners worldwide.

Ryan’s guitar playing, characterized by complex rhythms and raw intensity, quickly became a hallmark of Polaris’s sound. His unique style and technique were revered within the metalcore community, shaping the genre’s landscape. His contributions played a significant role in Polaris’s growth, and he became an irreplaceable part of the band’s identity.

Ryan Siew Cause of Death

The cause of Siew’s death is, at this point, still an unsolved mystery. No official statements regarding the exact circumstances or reasons behind his sudden demise have been released by his family, friends, or band members. This lack of information has led to a whirlwind of questions and speculation amongst fans and fellow musicians who admired and followed his work.

What is known is that in the days leading up to his untimely passing, Siew’s presence had been notably absent from Polaris’s performance at the Graspop Metal Festival in Belgium on June 18, 2023. The band went on to perform without their lead guitarist, leading many to wonder about Siew’s whereabouts and wellbeing.

Adding to the sense of mystery and concern, Polaris had also shared a cryptic post on their Instagram account a week prior to Siew’s death, in which they announced the cancellation of future shows due to ‘personal reasons’. This vague explanation did not offer any specific details about Siew’s condition or circumstances, leaving their fan base in the dark about the impending tragedy.

Upon hearing the news of Siew’s death, there was an outpouring of shock, grief, and sadness from the music world, particularly amongst Polaris’s dedicated fan base. The band and their fans are now grappling with the loss of a key member whose musical contributions significantly shaped the band’s unique sound and success.

Despite the cloud of mystery surrounding the cause of his death, one thing remains clear – Ryan Siew’s contribution to the music industry, particularly within the metalcore genre, is indelible. He will be remembered for his exceptional talent, his dedication to his craft, and the impact he had on those who knew him and those who appreciated his music.

Until more information emerges, the exact cause of Siew’s death remains a heartbreaking mystery, adding an unfortunate layer of intrigue to the legacy of a young musician who had so much more to give.

Ryan Siew Net Worth

Despite the relative secrecy surrounding his financial affairs, several reports estimated Ryan Siew’s net worth at around $1 million at the time of his death. However, these reports should be taken with caution, as they have not been verified by Siew or his family.

Determining the exact net worth of a celebrity can be challenging due to the private nature of personal financial information. Regardless, there is no doubt that Siew’s significant contribution to the music industry, through Polaris and beyond, allowed him a successful and financially rewarding career.

What Happened to Ryan Siew Suddenly?

 At the time of his death, the cause remained unknown and his unexpected passing created a significant shock and a deep sense of loss within the global music community.

Ryan was only 26 years old when he died. The talented musician had dedicated nearly a decade of his life to Polaris, playing a crucial role in the band’s success with his exceptional guitar skills. His contribution was evident in every piece of the band’s music, with the exception of the Dichotomy EP, which was released before Siew joined Polaris.

Just a day before Siew’s death, on June 18, Polaris had performed at the Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium, a prominent heavy metal festival. Interestingly, Siew was absent from this performance. The reasons for his absence from such an important show remained unknown.

Shortly after this concert, the band released a statement on June 20, addressing a serious personal crisis within their ranks. This message led to the immediate cancellation of the remainder of their European tour. It was only later revealed that Siew’s tragic death occurred just a day before this announcement.

Ryan Siew’s untimely death brought about an outpouring of sympathy and support for the band from the broader music community and their dedicated fanbase. As they grapple with the loss, Siew’s lasting contributions to Polaris’s music continue to be remembered and appreciated, leaving a lasting imprint on the metalcore genre. His sudden death has indeed left a significant void that will be challenging to fill.

Any Mysteries Behind Ryan Siew’s Death?

In the absence of official communication, speculation about Siew’s death has been rife. Fans and friends alike are left wondering what could have led to the sudden demise of such a young and talented individual.

His absence during Polaris’s performance a day before his death has raised eyebrows. The band’s vague Instagram post about a personal crisis shortly after his death further fueled speculation about the circumstances surrounding his untimely passing.

However, without concrete information from the band or Siew’s family, these remain speculations. It is crucial to respect the privacy of Siew’s family and the band during such a difficult time.


Ryan Siew’s untimely death is undoubtedly a significant loss for the music industry, specifically the metalcore genre. His exceptional talent, profound impact on Polaris’s music, and his mysterious and tragic departure add a bittersweet note to his legacy.

Despite his sudden departure, his memory lives on in the heart-pounding rhythms and captivating melodies he created during his time with Polaris. Through his music, Ryan Siew reached out and connected with listeners worldwide, shedding light on mental health issues and personal struggles, and providing solace to many.

As the music community mourns the loss of such a talented soul, it is the melodies, the lyrics, and the messages in his music that will continue to resonate with fans.

His impact on the industry is indisputable and his legacy will continue to inspire musicians and fans alike for generations to come. The mystery surrounding his death adds to the enigma of a young life ended too soon, a melody abruptly silenced, and a story left incomplete.

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