Sailor Moon Cosmos movie trailer revealed

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The first trailer for the Sailor Moon Cosmos movie, which will narrate the last arc (star arc) of tapes set in the summer of 2023, was revealed on Thursday, as part of the Sailor Moon Crystal version that began in 2014.

Sailor Moon Cosmos is a direct continuation of the movie released in June 2021, Sailor Moon Eternal, which is responsible for bringing the story of Dead Moon to screens.

The Sailor Moon Cosmos will be split into two parts, the first of which will be shown in theaters in the summer of 2023, and is still without a date because it’s a first look at the animation.

It should be remembered that in the final credits of the last installment of the Japanese manga the phrase “To be continue …” appeared, which led to the appearance of the next production of 2023.

Shadow Galactica is a chapter of the Sailor Moon series that will adapt these new films, along with the evil Sailor Galaxia, so the Sailor Guardians will face a new battle with a stronger enemy.

The film will be the responsibility of Toei Animation Studios and Studio Deen. The script is responsible for Kazuyuki Fudeyasu; While Kazuko Tadano will be in charge of character design again, as in the old renditions; As well as Yasuharu Takanashi’s participation in the soundtrack.

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