Secret Class Chapter 179: Release Date, Spoiler & Raw Scan


Secret Class is a Manhwa series that has been enthralling fans worldwide with its captivating narrative and dynamic characters. This manga series has been a fan favorite for a while now, and with each new chapter, readers are left on the edge of their seats. Chapter 179 is one of the most anticipated chapters yet, and fans are eagerly waiting for any information they can get their hands on.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Chapter: 178
  • Release Date: June 29, 2023
  • Language: Japanese
  • Genre: Drama
  • Where to Read: Webtoon, Toptoon

Secret Class Chapter 179 Release Date

Mark your calendars for 29 June 2023, when Secret Class Chapter 179 will finally be released. The wait for this new installment seems to be ending, promising an exciting continuation of the story, full of suspense and surprising developments. Fans are eagerly anticipating this publication as it promises to keep them on the tip of their seats. So keep an eye on the clock and don’t forget to set the release date of the next chapter in this series.

Secret Class Chapter 179 Time Zone

Considering the global fanbase of Secret Class, let’s share the release time in different time zones:

Central Time CT Thu: 29 Jun 2023 00:00 CDT

Eastern Standard Time EST Thu: 29 Jun 2023 00:00 EST

India Standard Time IST Thu: 29 Jun 2023 10:30 IST

Korea Standard Time KST Thu: 29 Jun 2023 14:00 KST

Japan Standard Time JST Thu: 29 Jun 2023 14:00 JST

Australian Eastern Time AET Thu: 29 Jun 2023 15:00 AEST

Eastern Time ET Thu: 29 Jun 2023 01:00 EDT

Bangkok Thailand Thu: 29 Jun 2023 12:00 ICT

Secret Class Chapter 179 Spoiler

In Secret Class Chapter 179 (Spoiler), the audience is likely going to witness a dramatic confrontation outside the lavatory. So-hyun, one of the key characters, admits that she saw something unusual. This prompts her to delve deeper into the intricate relationships Dae-ho, the protagonist, shares with the other characters.

The humour comes in with Joo-ri making a joke about their initial encounter with Dae-ho in the restroom, momentarily diffusing the tension. However, the tension mounts again when Dae-ho can’t resist complimenting Joo-ri, leading to a fierce confrontation between the two. All these suggest that Chapter 179 will indeed be packed with twists and turns, leaving the readers on edge till the next chapter arrives.

Recap: Secret Class Chapter 178

The 178th chapter of Secret Class is a whirlwind of revelations and emotions, picking up after the previous chapter’s suspenseful cliffhanger. This installment of the Manhwa series offers further depth to the storyline, building up anticipation for the forthcoming chapters.

In Chapter 178, the narrative centers around Dae-ho, our somewhat misunderstood antagonist. The chapter begins with an atmosphere of tension, foreshadowing Dae-ho’s next possible attack. However, the narrative takes an unexpected turn when Joo-ri Noona and Mia Noona decide to extend their assistance to Dae-ho. This surprising development forms the crux of the chapter, leaving readers to wonder about the shifting alliances and the potential consequences.

Meanwhile, So-Hyun, a character introduced as Ko-bong’s love interest, finds herself in a maze of intricate and complex relationships. This is intensified when she gets involved in physical confrontations with multiple characters, revealing a new dimension to her personality and adding to the overall suspense of the storyline. As readers navigate through the chapter, they can’t help but anticipate the implications of So-Hyun’s actions on the future plot.

As the chapter unfolds, we witness appearances from key characters, such as Dae-ho, Joo-ri, Mia, and So-Hyun, which further fuel the drama. A significant scene that stood out involves Dae-ho and Joo-ri sharing a seemingly casual moment in the restroom. The interaction between Dae-ho and Joo-ri is light-hearted, providing a brief respite from the otherwise high-stakes narrative.

However, this humorous interlude quickly turns into a cliffhanger when So-Hyun stumbles upon Dae-ho and Joo-ri at the end of the chapter. On her way to the restroom, So-Hyun’s unexpected encounter with Dae-ho and Joo-ri brings forth an array of emotions that are aptly reflected on her face – surprise, embarrassment, and possibly a hint of betrayal.

The cliffhanger ending of Chapter 178 serves as a perfect setup for the next chapter, leaving readers speculating about So-Hyun’s reactions and the subsequent consequences on Dae-ho and Joo-ri’s dynamic. Additionally, the unexpected alliance between Joo-ri Noona, Mia Noona, and Dae-ho also poses intriguing questions about the future trajectory of the narrative.

Overall, the 178th chapter of Secret Class is a melting pot of emotions and revelations. It captures the essence of the Manhwa series, blending humor, drama, and suspense in a manner that leaves readers eagerly waiting for the next installment. As the chapter concludes, fans are left pondering over Dae-ho’s intentions, So-Hyun’s reactions, and the shifting dynamics within the group.

About Secret Class

The Secret Class Manhwa has earned a significant fanbase for its intriguing storytelling. The protagonist, Daeho, is often found in innocuous circumstances, his mind seemingly switched off. However, as the plot unfurls, it becomes evident that nothing is really as it seems, and everyone is tangled in this web of secret relationships.

While some parts of the story seem rushed and inconsistent, the series makes up for it with its action-packed narrative. Despite the bumpy storyline, the series has redeeming qualities that keep fans engaged, making it a worthwhile experience for those who enjoy high-octane fiction.

Where To Read Secret Class Chapter 179

Webtoon is the go-to platform for reading Chapter 179 of Secret Class. It boasts a vast collection of webcomics, including the fan-favorite Secret Class. The platform’s user-friendly interface and simple navigation make catching up with your favorite series a breeze.


Secret Class Manhwa is a must-read for anyone who loves to get lost in a world of mystery and suspense. The anticipation for Chapter 179 is at an all-time high, with its exciting storyline and captivating characters. We can’t wait to see how the confrontations, mysteries, and relationships evolve. So, buckle up for another exciting journey with Dae-ho and the rest of the Secret Class crew in Chapter 179.

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