Share on TikTok the “facts they never tell you” about living in the US and surprise many

live in another country It always entails dealing with cultural clashes and exchanging ideas, so there are people who have never finished adjusting to their new place of residence. Ian Juarez gave an example and included it in the list The three “basic facts” (and often silenced) implied by work in the United States.

like anyone Originally from Mexico I tried some things that were not fun at all and wanted to share them via TikTok.

The young man is dedicated to publishing content about his travels And the various places he visits, he did not hesitate to pronounce judgment on them What does it really look like to live the American dream. It was through his account on TikTok @33 That revealed everything a Latino should know before deciding to move to the United States.

These are the risks of working in the US, according to tiktoker

He was first on his list There is still enough racism within the social fabric of the North American country. “It hurts to accept that, but in 2022 there are still a lot of racists,” he said, emphasizing that on several occasions Was a victim of discrimination Because of her Mexican ancestry. As evidenced by the reactions to the video, many people in the Latin community have had to experience such a situation firsthand.

However, there were also several comments in the opposite direction, or at least considered this reality Not applicable throughout the United States. Nor for all companies. One user, in fact, is limited: “It depends where you work. At Tesla or GM or Ford it doesn’t happen because of inclusion and stuff.”

The young man said that according to his experience, Being Mexican Equals “Cheap Labor” Because just because you’re Latina, employers were paying them less than other workers.

Despite the fact that dozens of traders said that living in the United States helped them earn more than Latin America, Juarez considered that American citizens always get paid more for the same work. “Because you are Mexican, they will underestimate your salary,” he emphasized in his clip.

The last “hidden truth” you mentioned is that A Latino can’t be wrong as this always generates a long list of criticisms of his country of origin. In this case, he stated that if a Mexican did something wrong or something that an American would consider bad, they would be more likely to start attacking the entire nation rather than just focusing on the person.

‘Which – which This is why we are not a first world countryThat is why we are not so advanced, they blame an entire country and culture,” he said.

Tiktoker considered that racism in the United States is still very noticeable@ian.juarez33 / TikTok

naturally, Didn’t wait for the audience’s comments Once again, opinions were somewhat divided. Some reaffirmed these last sayings, others denied them, and in the end there were many who They were willing to live their own experiences And above all, to draw their own conclusions about life in the United States: Someone commented: “Okay, but where do I score?”

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