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ipaji It opens the door to 38 countries that will participate in Ski World Championships Speed ​​that will take place from November 6 to 13 in Sports Park, a scenario that meets the standards required for these events.

Alejandro Ortiz, director of the Institute of Sports and Recreation in Ibague, Emdri, noted that France, Chile, Ecuador and Guatemala have already reached the city, as well as Chinese Taipei, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Hungary, the Netherlands, the United States and Austria.

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Countries have already started

“Some teams are already training on the rink,” said Emdri’s manager, adding that more than a thousand athletes from all continents have been confirmed to participate.

Lionel Ramirez, representative of the Guatemalan national team, confirmed that Ibague has a good rink and “we come with the intention of improving times because of the quality of the stage”.

Italy, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Belgium, Czech Republic, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, Canada, El Salvador, Cuba, Pakistan and Puerto Rico are also expected to be selected on November 1, 2 and 3, as are Brazil, Dominican Republic and Australia.

The Argentine national team, after passing through Cartagena, where it was prepared, consists of 7 skaters who dream of playing their best role in this World Cup organized with contributions from the Ministry of Sports, the Government of Tolima, the Mayor’s Office. Ibague and the Colombian Federation.

“Colombia has very good tracks and we in Argentina don’t have them, but the country has made a huge effort so that we can come to Ibague,” coach Rosana Sastre said.

Confirmed by Brazil, Panama, Dominican Republic and Australia, 38 countries will participate in the competition, but Germany, Uganda, Congo, Iran and India also stand out.

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