Sky Watch: Full moon in January

Grand Rapids, Michigan (Wood) – The full moon of January will illuminate the night sky this week.

The moon will be officially full at 2:16 PM on January 28, but it will appear full for a few nights that day. It will be outside from evening until early dawn, and as long as the clouds can extinguish, you have a good chance of seeing it.

January full moon is also known as Wolf Moon, Snow Moon, Ice Moon, or Hunger Moon.

While you enjoy the view of the full moon, keep your eyes open to some of the planets as well. Mercury will be visible about half an hour to an hour after sunset, low on the horizon in the southwest. It is brighter than usual at the moment and will be visible with the naked eye.

Venus is visible on the horizon in the southeast about half an hour before sunrise. Mars lies southwest in the evening, high in the sky. Jupiter and Saturn are no longer visible, lost by sunset light.

John Damon sent this image of a lunar aura in Greenville. This optical phenomenon is caused by the refraction and reflection of light by ice crystals in high wax.

A lunar aura in Greenville. (Courtesy of: John Damon)

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