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Do you want to look like a professional? Then use these tips. Often times, when we want to edit a photo or video in a file Either because we don’t have a computer at hand or just for ease, we turn to apps , the same ones with exclusive tools for you to join, copy, paste or make transitions to our clips.

In an age when short videos uploaded to TikTok, YouTube or Instagram are of vital importance, some are not only looking for editors to improve the way they are presented, but also for them to be completely free or, at least, low paying.

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That is why we will give you a series of tips so that you can do just that Save this clip not only in the resolution your cell phone has, but also upload it in 4K or 60fps so it looks like a pro.

Best of all, you can animate it with a series of transitions and effects, combine stickers, add a photo and paste a video, among other things, thus gaining followers for the quality you upload your content to, especially on social networks.

3 best video editors for cell phone

As you know, video editing software is in fashion and many stations have incorporated one into their devices. However, often these do not contain the necessary ones and it is necessary to download one of them. Here we give you 3 to do what you want:

  • KineMaster: It is one of the most popular video editing applications in the world. With it you will just have to access your gallery and there choose the clips you want to edit. And best of all, you can deliver from the basic to the most professional. The only bad thing is that you will have to pay in case you want to remove the watermark from what you want to post. By paying, you get access to a catalog of free music, transitions, etc. You can download it from And .
  • Filmora: It is one of the most popular video editing video clips, you can even add songs to your clips so that they can be uploaded to any platform you want. The only thing different about KineMaster is that it is very limited, i.e. it does not have resources like transitions in the free version. The PC version has more details. You can download it from And .
Kinemaster is one of the video editors used by a large number of people who upload their content on social networks. (Photo: mag)
  • capcote: It is one that has become very popular for those who frequently upload videos to TikTok. Best of all, it’s free and you can choose the quality in which you want to display your videos. It won’t take long to do that. You can also choose effects and import audio from a video. You can upload the last clip directly to any social network without watermark or the like. You can download it from NS And .

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