Who is Smokey Nagata? Is Smokey Nagata Still Alive?


In the world of automotive engineering, few names stand out as prominently as Smokey Nagata. The Japanese auto engineer, famed for his daring feats and technical prowess, has left an indelible mark on the industry, shaping it in ways that have forever changed how we perceive high-speed driving.

In this article, we delve into the intriguing life of Smokey Nagata, the founder of Top Secret Company Limited, exploring his background, current status, rumored demise, and financial worth.

Who is Smokey Nagata?

Smokey Nagata was born Kazuhiko Nagata, but it is his nom de guerre, Smokey, that has become a household name among automobile enthusiasts. Smokey’s career in the automobile industry began humbly as a mechanic at a Toyota dealership.


However, his passion for speed and extraordinary talent for automotive design led him to start Top Secret Company Limited, where he currently serves as CEO.

His legend grew internationally in 1999 when he was arrested in the UK for pushing his MK4 Toyota Supra to 197 mph on the English marshland. His high-speed exploits resulted in a night in jail, a £190 fine, and a 28-day driving ban in the UK. This incident only served to bolster his reputation as a daredevil speed chaser.

Is Smokey Nagata Still Alive?

There has been much speculation about Smokey Nagata’s health due to his high-risk, high-speed driving. However, contrary to the swirling rumors, Smokey Nagata is very much alive.

Despite some minor hearing loss, perhaps due to his high-octane lifestyle, the famed engineer continues to be active in his passion—automotive design and engineering.

What Is Smokey Nagata Age?

Born in 1964, Smokey Nagata is currently 59 years old as of 2023. Despite his age, he continues to be active in the industry and still pushes the boundaries of automotive engineering.

What Are the Rumors About His Death?

Speculations about Smokey Nagata’s death primarily stem from his high-speed escapades and the inherent risks involved. Some rumors suggest that he met his end in a high-speed crash—a fitting yet tragic end for a speed demon.

However, these rumors are unfounded and have been debunked. Smokey continues to engineer in Japan and is very much alive and kicking.

Where is Smokey Nagata Now?

Over two decades have passed since Smokey’s infamous 200 mph run on the UK’s A1(M), but he remains one of the most influential figures in the auto tuning industry. Smokey is still actively engaged in Top Secret’s day-to-day operations, working to shatter his own speed records.

He remains in Japan, where he continues to lead the charge in innovative automotive engineering, working towards his goal of achieving speeds of 400 kilometers per hour (approximately 249 mph).

Is Smokey Nagata dead?

Despite the rumors that continue to circulate on the internet, Smokey Nagata is not dead. He continues to live his passion, challenging the limits of automotive engineering in Japan.

The reports of his death are greatly exaggerated and have been repeatedly debunked. Smokey, the legendary speed demon, continues to breathe life into the automotive industry with his revolutionary designs and engineering marvels.

Nagato Net worth

Known not only for his high-speed endeavors but also for his expertise in automobile design and engineering, Smokey Nagata has amassed a substantial net worth. His financial worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

He earns his income from his business, Top Secret Company Limited, and from various sponsorships that provide a significant cash flow to support his endeavours. Additionally, Smokey boasts an impressive collection of personally modified vehicles, further adding to his financial worth.


In the realm of speed and automotive design, Smokey Nagata stands as a revolutionary figure. His passion for speed, combined with his expertise in automotive engineering, has shaped the auto tuning industry in significant ways.

He continues to lead, innovate, and inspire, reminding us that boundaries are meant to be pushed, and records are meant to be broken. Despite the swirling rumors about his demise, Smokey Nagata is very much alive, continuing to live his dream, one high-speed run at a time.

His story serves as a beacon for all automotive enthusiasts, illuminating the path that leads to the nexus of speed and engineering.

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