Sports Science is the reason for India’s success in the World Junior Shooting Championships: Sanjiva Singh

Sports Science is the reason for India’s success in the World Junior Shooting Championships: Sanjiva Singh

Archery Director Sanjeeva Singh said the initiative to prepare youth for the 2024 Paris Olympics is the main reason for the unprecedented success of Indian archers at the World Archery Championships in Poland.

Indian shooters have won 15 medals, including eight golds for the best result in the country. Sanjiva said that full scientific and sporting support for the shooters is essential.

“They trained on heart rate monitors and practiced breathing techniques to shoot with more control. We are focused on the finish,” said Sanjiva, winner of Arjuna and Dronacharya Prizes from Poland.

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He said young shooters who shoot 60 to 70 percent of their skills will need to improve their skill levels over the next three years.

“There has been a big change in the selection process that prioritizes shooters who are doing well in singles matches. Talented shooters should have more options. We are sending some rookies to the next World Cup next month,” Sanjeeva added.

Purnima Mahato, the senior shooter accompanying the coach, said the show was good.

“We have good shooters in the novice and apprentice areas. They shot with confidence and learned how to handle the pressure,” Purnima said.

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Komalika Pari, who won the World Cadet title in 2019, this time won the world youth singles title, becoming the second Indian after Deepika Kumari to win both golds.

Komalika, who won the junior mixed team title with Barth Salonki, pursued the most important goals.

“He was well prepared mentally and technically. The international presence in management and scientific support during training made the difference,” Komalica said.

The youngster, who was among the two gold medalists at this year’s World Cup, said defeat at the Olympics is painful.

“The pain continues, but I have to learn from my mistakes and get better,” Komalika added.

Salonki, who also contributed to his junior gold medal, was happy to be able to prove himself.

“Preparation helped. It’s good to win gold medals at this level,” said Salonki.

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