Stand by Stan Lee! This character has connected the Marvel worlds on Netflix and Sony with the MCU

Stand by Stan Lee!  This character has connected the Marvel worlds on Netflix and Sony with the MCU

The marvel characters They don’t live in the same universe, but are part of the same multiverse, and this was confirmed by a cameo from a reality reporter. The subject in question is Patrick Kiernan, a news anchor on NY1 in New York, who has also been loaned to appear as a TV show host on various Marvel productions. Do you want to know more about this mysterious reporter? Here we tell you everything that is known about it!

The man who united the entire multiverse

Patrick Kiernan It has been seen in a total of 7 Marvel works, and its first appearance was made during the film Avengers, the first Crossing from Marvel Studios. Either to give the film a touch of honesty, or simply because the production company wanted to hire a real reporter, in this tape we can see a scene in which a news anchor appeared on TV commenting on the battle the Avengers had against him. Chitauri’s forces led by loki.

Appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 | Photo: Sony Pictures

After a brief period We’ll see Patrick Kiernan again in iron man 3, This time we’re talking about taking mandarin of TV signals from all over the United States.

curiously, The reporter’s third appearance in the Marvel Universe will not take place in a Marvel Studios movie, but in a Sony Pictures movie.: The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In this movie, we will see a brief scene in which Kiernan comments on Spidey’s fight against Electro, a villain who is confirmed to appear in the next episode. Turnout From MCU: Spider-Man: There’s no way home… fishy, ​​isn’t it?

Kiernan informed residents of Daredevil | Photo: Netflix

To add to the aura of mystery around all these inscriptions, Kiernan will return to the Marvel Universe with small appearances in some of the series produced by Netflix: recklessAnd the punisher And DefendersIn all, he commented on the results of the fight fought by these masked heroes.

The last two appearances of this reporter occurred on Dr. Gharib, during a scene in the hospital where Stephen worked, and in Spider-Man: Far From HomeThis last movie has been a very special appearance for the reporter, ever since It was Kiernan who gave voice to JJ Jameson, the editor of the Daily Bugle who ended up exposing the wall climber’s secret identity to the general public.

This reporter can also be seen on “Away from Home” Photo: Marvel Studios

Now that we know that the character played by Tom Holland will travel to the multiverse in his new movie, many fans are starting to find out. The links to other movie and TV franchises that Marvel has already put out there.

In this sense, Kiernan’s inscriptions reinforce the theory that states It can appear reckless in There is no place for home As Peter’s attorney, pointing in the same direction regarding Andrew Garfield’s supposed reprise of his role as Spider-Man.

And you, do you think this actor’s veil is simple Shut up Marvel or be part of a much bigger project?


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