Sudan: – Hamdok is aware of the “enormous challenges” of the new Sudanese government in terms of economy and security


Madrid, February 11th (Europe Press) –

The Prime Minister of Sudan, Abdullah Hamdok, recognized the “complex conditions” and “enormous challenges” at the economic and security level following the installation of the new transitional government, which includes members of rebel groups that signed a historic agreement. Peace October 2020.

Hamdok indicated during the inauguration ceremony that the new executive authority is representative and has the ability to “save the country” and “lay the foundations” to avoid “its collapse,” according to the official Sudanese News Agency.

Likewise, he stressed that the work program is among its priorities to confront the serious economic crisis that sparked mass protests during the past protests, and to achieve a transition before the next elections in the country.

The Prime Minister also referred to the deterioration of the security situation, which was marked by increased clashes between the sects, which were mainly concentrated in the Darfur region (west), which prompted the new executive authority to take a decision “to start work immediately.”

In this sense, it ordered the formation of two working groups: one to address the shortage of bread, fuel and gas in the capital, Khartoum, and other areas of the country due to the crisis and currency devaluation, and the other to deal with the insecurity.

The executive branch includes members of the rebel groups accumulating in the Sudanese Revolutionary Front and consists of 25 ministers, among whom five had already filled their portfolios in the previous government. Among them, only four are women.

The government was scheduled to see the light on February 4, while governors would be appointed on February 15 and the Legislative Council would be formed on the 25th of the same month. At the moment, it is not known if there are any calendar changes affecting these appointments.

The Sudanese government has made peace with the rebels fighting Khartoum a top priority, as it is one of the basic conditions for the United States to remove the country from the list of states sponsoring terrorism, which was announced by former US President Donald. Trump card.

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