Supermarkets use cartoon images amid UK grocery shortage


many of supermarkets In the UK, they adopted a strange method: using cartoon images to complete an empty gondola. The initiative responds to the shortage of some food products and merchandise from pandemic and the Britain’s exit from the European Union.

According to an article in The Guardian, many markets have begun fusing cardboard cutouts with pictures of groceries to fill gaps in shelves, due to supply issues.

The pandemic and Brexit have led to a supply crisis in the United States United kingdomThis has led many supermarkets to face huge shortages of products.

As the popular English newspaper reported, the Tesco supermarket in London began using images of asparagus, carrots and oranges in the aisles of fresh produce, quickly making an impact on social networks. “Mmm, delicious asparagus pictures,” one Twitter user sneered.

According to British media, this measure is due to Staff shortage, meaning “drivers, collectors and packers of heavy vehicles on farms and food processing plants”.

It also responds to Problems encountered by ports After increasing deliveries for the holiday season.

“It’s becoming very popular. It’s not just because of shortages, but because many supermarkets are now too big,” Shopfloor Insights retail analyst Brian Roberts told The Guardian. The discounts are part of a variety of tactics, the man explained. used to fill in the blank.

The increase in online shopping is another reason why many supermarkets in Britain are not stocking non-food items, leaving empty spaces that many cannot replace with alternative products.

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Finally, according to The Guardian, cardboard cutouts for expensive items such as detergents, protein powders, or different types of liquor or wine are often used to prevent theft.

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