Superstore Season 7: Renewal & Release Date Latest Updates


As a die-hard television series enthusiast, there’s an unparalleled joy in immersing oneself into the intricacies of a well-crafted show. Superstore, the sensational sitcom that aired on NBC, perfectly encapsulates this experience.

A delightful series woven around the quirky and diverse staff at a mega-retail store in St. Louis, Missouri, named Cloud 9, it garnered widespread acclaim for its humor, character development, and relatability.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Season: 6
  • Release Date: Not Yet Confirmed
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Sitcom, Dark comedy
  • Where to watch: NBC & Netflix
  • Rating: 7.9/10(IMDb)

Popularity of the Show

Superstore, like a perfectly stocked aisle, brims with a colorful array of relatable characters and humorous situations that hit close to home. It cleverly addresses various social issues, ranging from labor rights, healthcare, immigration, and corporate culture, blending comedy and drama in a seamless manner.

Its comedic flair resonates with the vibes of a show like The Office, further adding to its popularity among sitcom aficionados. These factors combined with its innovative concept propelled it to the spotlight, creating a dedicated fan base that eagerly followed the show over its six seasons.

Release Date of Superstore Season 7

Superstore fans worldwide were eagerly waiting for the release of Season 7, but their hopes were dashed when the unfortunate news of the series’ cancellation was officially announced by NBC. The final season, Season 6, had concluded on March 25, 2021. Hence, there won’t be a specific release date for Superstore Season 7

Superstore Season 7 Cancelled Or Renewed?


Despite its dedicated fan base and high ratings, Superstore Season 7 stands officially cancelled by NBC. The network chose to end the series on a high note, wrapping up the storyline with Season 6.

Cast of Superstore Season 7

Superstore boasts an ensemble cast that brilliantly portrayed the quirkiest of characters, each with a distinctive personality.

America Ferrera (Amy Sosa), Ben Feldman (Jonah Simms), Mark McKinney (Glenn Sturgis), Lauren Ash (Dina Fox), Colton Dunn (Garrett McNeil), Nico Santos (Mateo Liwanag), and Nichole Bloom (Cheyenne Lee) were the backbone of the series, breathing life into the Cloud 9 store.

Their comedic timing, coupled with the portrayal of their characters’ personal and professional growth, created a series that was both hilariously relatable and emotionally resonant.

Superstore Season 7 Spoiler 

The hope of a Season 7 was akin to finding a hidden gem in the discounted aisle of Cloud 9. Fans anticipated more hilarious adventures and heartwarming moments, perhaps delving deeper into Amy and Jonah’s relationship or exploring more about the other characters. However, with the official cancellation, we are left to imagine the further trajectories of our favorite Cloud 9 employees.

Superstore Season 6 Recap

Superstore Season 6 opened up amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with Cloud 9 serving as the setting for all the chaos, fear, and confusion that swept the globe. The show didn’t shy away from depicting the reality of the situation, adding an extra layer of authenticity to its plotline.

The team was seen grappling with new norms, from enforcing social distancing to facing shortage of essential items. The pandemic storyline made Superstore Season 6 strikingly relatable, instigating bouts of laughter and empathy in equal measure.


One of the pivotal moments of Season 6 was the departure of Amy, played by America Ferrera. The ambitious Amy received a long-awaited promotion that took her to the corporate headquarters in sunny California.

Her departure triggered a whirlwind of emotions among the Cloud 9 team and fans alike. Her send-off was bittersweet, as it also meant the end of her relationship with Jonah, which left fans heartbroken.

Jonah, portrayed by Ben Feldman, grappled with his feelings for Amy throughout the season. After Amy’s departure, he got involved with Hannah, another Cloud 9 employee, yet his unresolved feelings for Amy remained a subplot for the rest of the season. His character development was one of the standout aspects of Season 6, illustrating a heartfelt portrayal of a man caught in the crossroads of love and personal growth.

Dina (Lauren Ash), the assistant store manager, filled the void left by Amy’s departure. Her comedic timing and unique perspective on situations added a spark of joy to the otherwise tense season.

On the other hand, Glenn (Mark McKinney), the well-meaning and somewhat naive store manager, faced his own dilemma: continue managing the hectic life at Cloud 9 or retire and take over his father’s less stressful hardware store. His decision-making process, though humorous at times, highlighted the very human struggle of choosing between familiarity and new opportunities.

Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom) and Mateo (Nico Santos), the dynamic duo, kept the viewers entertained with their hilarious antics and tongue-in-cheek humor. The duo’s attempts to navigate the daily store chaos, customer interactions, and personal issues formed a significant part of the series’ comic relief.

The corporate takeover of Cloud 9 by Zephra added another layer of drama to the storyline. The employees found themselves in the midst of unionization efforts and corporate policies, mirroring real-life issues within the retail sector. The showrunners seamlessly blended these topical issues into the storyline, making Season 6 both entertaining and insightful.

Superstore Season 6 concluded with an emotionally charged finale. The return of Amy, followed by her reunion with Jonah, brought the series full circle. Their engagement in the final episode marked a satisfying conclusion to a long-awaited storyline, leaving viewers teary-eyed yet content.

In essence, Superstore Season 6 was an emotional roller coaster, filled with moments of joy, sadness, laughter, and introspection. Despite the challenges and the unexpected turns, the Cloud 9 team managed to keep their spirits high and their sense of humor intact, making the season a memorable journey for the fans.

Ratings of the Show

Superstore enjoyed a high approval rating throughout its six-season run. On IMDb, it stands at a respectable 7.9/10, reflecting the viewers’ appreciation for its creative storyline, character development, and unique humor.

On Rotten Tomatoes, it boasts an impressive 93%, indicating widespread critical acclaim.

Interesting Thing About Superstore Season 7

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the nonexistent Season 7 is the vacuum it leaves for the fans to fill. With no official narrative to follow, viewers are free to imagine their own version of Cloud 9’s future, allowing the legacy of Superstore to live on in their creative musings.

Review of the Show

Superstore is a well-crafted sitcom, complete with humor, drama, and an ensemble cast that never fails to deliver. It offers a unique perspective on the lives of retail workers, balancing light-hearted comedy with insightful commentary on various social issues.

While we bid farewell to our beloved Cloud 9 crew at the end of Season 6, the series leaves a lasting impression, a testament to its quality and appeal.

Where to Watch

All six seasons of Superstore can be streamed on NBC’s official website, Hulu, and Peacock. For those outside the U.S., the show is also available on Netflix in select regions.


In the world of sitcoms, Superstore made its mark with a unique concept, a compelling storyline, and an unforgettable cast. The series’ cancellation after its sixth season came as a disappointment for many fans who were eagerly anticipating Superstore Season 7. Nevertheless, the show’s legacy will continue to resonate with fans and critics alike, reminding us of the joy and laughter that the Cloud 9 family brought to our screens.

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