The angry reaction of the Nicolas Maduro regime after the criticism of the Venezuelan Church and the request of the Vatican for dialogue

Delsey Rodriguez (EFE/Miguel Gutierrez/Archive)

Executive Vice President of the Venezuelan System, Delsey Rodriguezasked this Tuesday,For priests who want to make politics take off their clothes‘, after the auxiliary bishop of Caracas, Ricardo BarrettoRead a letter from the Vatican Secretary of State, Pietro ParolinAnd the They demand the strengthening of dialogue in the country.

“I only bring you memories of Commander Hugo Chavez, The Venezuelan Church has a long way to go in dialogue with the elected Venezuelan authorities to the Venezuelan people and (…) said that Priests who want to practice politics take off their clothes and come to practice politics,” Barreto told the Fedecámaras Association, the country’s major employers’ association.

He also called them “for dialogue or politics”, because he considered the “roads” to be open.

In a democracy there are always waysRodriguez set off at Barreto.

Pietro Parolin sent a letter to Venezuela requesting dialogue (Reuters/Edgard Garrido)
Pietro Parolin sent a letter to Venezuela requesting dialogue (Reuters/Edgard Garrido)

Just before he entered, The Auxiliary Bishop of Caracas took the floor to read a letter sent by Parolin to Fedecámaras in which he stated that “It is important that civil society also be a champion in resolving the current crisisThis one lives in Venezuela.

her solution”It will only happen if Venezuelans, especially those with some kind of political responsibility, are willing to sit down and negotiate in a serious way.Take it in the letter.

To reach agreements that open the door to solutions, Parolin asserted that “Political will on the part of the participantsas well as the availabilityTo put the public interest above private interests and the responsible support of civil society and the international community والمجتمع“.

Finally, the Vatican Secretary of State emphasized in the letter read by Pareto that if the negotiations were successful “It will take great generosity and patience“.

The National Dialogue Committee promoted by the National Assembly (AN, Parliament), chaired by Jorge Rodríguez, Delci’s brother, contacted the Fedecámaras, a union traditionally associated with the opposition, as part of its dialogue proposals.

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