The arson attack did not damage the residence of the Catholic Church in the United States

Samuel Geese, parish priest of Saint Jean Francis de Chantal, in Bethesda, Maryland (US), reports that Sunday’s arson attack did not damage the Catholic church’s residence.

In the video posted on the parishioner’s YouTube channel, a fire was seen in the dwelling. However, Father Samuel Geese told the Cyprus News Agency on Monday that the flames were merely reflections on a window behind the tent.

The priest later confirmed to EWTN News Nightly that “there was no fire at the sanctuary.”

Gezi pointed out that the attack, which occurred on Sunday morning, did not cause structural damage to the church, despite the fall of the statues and stations of the Cross. Although the flames in the tabernacle did not catch on, their doors opened and holy armies were scattered on the ground.

Authorities said two other temples nearby were vandalized early Saturday morning. The Washington Post reported that a fire at North Bethesda United Methodist Church caused minor damage and damaged tombstones on the grounds of Wildwood Baptist Church.

At the beginning of the mass that was broadcast live, Father Jeez told the congregants that he believed the parish was a target due to the Catholic Church’s opposition to abortion.

“In events like this, there is an initial concern of seeing your worship space being vandalized and attacked,” he said. “But what is really gratifying is the response of everyone,” said the priest.

On Monday, Father Jezzy said the parish has received copious support from the community, as well as Cardinal Wilton Gregory and other pastors in the Archdiocese of Washington.

He added that another local diocese organized a funeral mass for one of the parishioners due to the closure of the Diocese of Saint Jean Francis de Chantal for repair.

“The response is very moving, warm and positive,” said Father Gisa. He said that while upsetting the attack on the diocese, the support was “a wonderful consolation.”

Translated and adapted by Eduardo Perdego. Originally Posted in CN.

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