The Chamber of Deputies celebrates developments in aesthetic medicine in Mexico

The Chamber of Deputies celebrates developments in aesthetic medicine in Mexico

Plastic surgeons from the Universidad del Conde were received and heard in the Chamber of Deputies, with the aim of exchanging views on the developments, vision and legislation of aesthetic medicine in Mexico.

Chaired by the President of the Universidade del Conde, Dr. Marco Antonio Conde Pérez, the meeting between the eminent group of plastic surgeons and legislators in the Chamber of Deputies revealed developments in this matter that went beyond borders and today represent for Mexico an important national economic benefit as patients from all over the world are received annually in what It is called “medical tourism”.

Dr. Marco Antonio Conde Perez, president of the Universidad del Conde and Graduate Institute of Medicine in Veracruz, noted during his address to deputies that we “changed the history of plastic surgery not only in our country.” , but in the world at large, for me personally, it was a more faithful commitment to the transformation and recognition of plastic surgery, with full support, legality and formality”

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Later in his speech, Conde Perez assured attendees that “plastic surgery is a reality today and we will be forever.”

A relevant part of his emotional message was the commitment he made to the attendees, expressing that “as a union we have to work twice as hard, to be better every day, to be a benchmark not only at the national level, but also it’s time to cross borders, and take the right place.” To us, to stay there, which is the most difficult but not impossible, everything depends on us as individuals and as a group.”

He drew the attention of the attendees to the following: “We must not forget that there are health professionals, suffering from professional ethics, who do not perform plastic surgeries throughout their preparation for it, because it is forbidden in public hospitals, and therefore they lack medical preparation. These health professionals must stop deceiving population”.

The Dean of Universidad del Conde directly launched a challenge to the residents, asking them to “go to a public institution such as IMSS, ISSSTE, the health sector, the Armed Forces and/or the Navy, to request an aesthetic procedure such as the application of Botox, the application of hyaluronic acid in the nasal grooves, or Surgical aesthetics, such as high-definition liposuction, buttock implants, and breast augmentation;these will not be performed because they are not in the public interest.Consistent with the above, the state should not cover these procedures, because there are cases that must be addressed in a timely and accurate manner, Such as chronic degenerative diseases, not performing cosmetic procedures.”

In conclusion, Marco Antonio Conde Pérez, who was the main promoter of plastic surgery in Mexico and is the undisputed leader of the Syndicate of Plastic Surgeons of Mexico, concluded his speech at this business meeting by identifying the attendees: “I want to take advantage of this moment, thank President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, being the transformer who created a new country, it is a great honor to have people under his leadership, who have set themselves the task of ending monopolies in our country; the pioneer of legality and legal certainty for all, specifically its institutions, to which I thank directly for their intervention, thanks to you medicine and plastic surgery have made great progress in our country “.

He concluded: “We are a strong and united union, which must distinguish us from others and we must remain that way, and I appreciate the presence of each of you, but above all, distinguished legislators with you present gives legal certainty and validates what we exist today more than Ever; I appreciate your commitment, perseverance and responsibility, but above all your work so that today we talk about the future of plastic surgery in Mexico, thank you for your trust and I want to make it clear that we will not disappoint you.

Thank you all so much, remember what it cost us to be here, I feel so proud that we continue to make history.

For their part, the legislators present undertook to analyze and promote the proposals that could be discussed in the Congress of the Union with respect to the plastic surgeons union.”

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