The “complicated” style of Pablo Escobar

life Pablo Escobar, who was the supreme leader of the Medellín Cartel, was full of strangeness. Proof of this is the characteristics that it possesses Colombia.

The most famous of these are Hacienda Napoles, which currently operates as a theme park; Casa Rosada, in Miami, of which only her memory remains; and the Monaco building, which was demolished in 2019.

Likewise, in his day after day, there were also traces of his own taste. His widow, Maria Isabel Santos Caballero, formerly Victoria Eugenia Henau, revealed information about her in her book My Life and My Prison with Pablo Escobar (2018) and on Instagram.

According to her, his way of dressing was “simple”: he didn’t wear a tie, he wasn’t interested in brand clothes either, and if anything, he wore a corduroy jacket to look elegant.

This cloth so attracted his attention that even in the most extreme weather he did not stop using it: “In the Magdalena River, with a heat of 40 degrees, he wore trousers and a lamb shirt.”

In addition, he said, Capo “always wanted T-shirts to be worn everywhere, even on sports fields.”

These clothes have also preserved their history: “He used the shirts I sent him to make to sew in Medellin.” The fabric used was a soft fabric that he bought only from Éxito stores.

According to her, they were all the same and fulfilled a prerequisite: “The first button of the shirt should be 10 centimeters from the neck.”

height complex

The woman who devoted her life to training as an existential coach, lecturing and writing about her relationship with her Pablo EscobarHe also touched on the smuggler’s complexes and his way of coexisting with them.

“He wore special shoes that he made, and his heel was hidden 4 cm high,” he admitted, adding that the only time he saw him angry was when his brother Carlos Arturo Henao Vallejo, who was killed in 1989, was upset about it. .

He said, “The queens and models he dated were 20 centimeters taller than him.”

Finally, the capu also developed a preference for certain fragrances. According to his wife’s calculations, there were three brands on his favorite list.
He loved the smell of the white 1-liter bottle of Old Spice, Pino Silvestre or Paco Rabanne.

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