The creators of Disco Elysium are seeking artists with a passion for science fiction

The creators of Disco Elysium are seeking artists with a passion for science fiction

ZA/UM, those responsible for success Elysium tabletThey are already working on their new game and this obviously has a lot to do with science fiction. Among other job offers, true lovers of science fiction and space are on the hunt for this new title. The employee profile referred to is someone who “understands that there are more things in heaven and on earth than they dream of in philosophy”. This means that they are looking for workers who can build scenarios that escape our reality, and have the ability to shape a project that doesn’t necessarily have to be related to science fiction, but that uses fictional formulas in the same way. Capable of offering environments we never imagined.

In search of science fiction and space lovers

the study It is now headquartered in the UK with over 60 employeesAnd it seems that the number is expected to increase even more with these professional and realistic artists. These are not the only vacancies that ZA/UM intends to fill in their new game, as they are also trying to recruit experts in creating plans and architecture. s What is even more curious is that they are also looking for experts in monetization and sales, which is strange considering that this has absolutely nothing to do with what has been suggested in Elysium tablet.

For now, this new game is still a mystery, but in addition to this ZA / UM also in his sight TV adaptation Elysium tabletwhich is produced by DJ2 Entertainment. Video games are invading the small screen more and more, with interesting projects like this series HelloFun Cuphead Show!various adaptations vampire or the future the last of us From HBO, which will require a little begging and we won’t be able to sink our teeth into it until 2023.

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