The Earth is spinning faster and the days are getting shorter, why? What will happen? | News from Mexico

Mexico City. – The Earth is spinning faster and the days are getting shorter, what will happen to us?The possibility of deleting a second is analyzed in our watches to adapt to the change in time.

according to him International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Serviceresponsible for measuring time in the world, on June 29 the planet continued to rotate 1.59 milliseconds less than normal.

It is listed as the shortest day in Earth’s history.

Why are the days shorter?

The trend that characterizes history is that the days are getting longer Even the research indicates that 70 million years ago, a day lasted an average of 23 and a half hours, Noticiasrcn reports.

But today the Earth is spinning faster and the days are getting shorter.

The observation adds that this situation is problematic in many ways, although the time difference is small, because it changes the way time is measured and the operation of technologies such as Global Positioning Systemand other technologies in our daily lives.

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Why is the Earth spinning faster?

The truth is that Scientists I don’t know why this situation is happening Earth acceleration.

They are often caused by environmental disasters such as storms and earthquakes.In fact, it is estimated that the 2011 earthquake in Japan, with a magnitude of 8.9, accelerated the rotation by 1.8 microseconds.

But in addition to this, there are other factors, such as Differences in the mass of the Earth Or tidal cycles, ocean currents, monsoons, or even groundwater extraction.

According to Dennis McCarthy, retired director of meteorology at the United States Naval Observatory, in an interview with CNN,“As the poles are melting due to the climate crisis, there is less pressure at the top and bottom of planetwhich pushes the crust upwards and makes the Earth round” This makes the Earth spin faster.

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