The first actor, Ignacio López Tarso, is hospitalized in an emergency, such is the state of his health

The first actor, Ignacio López Tarso, is hospitalized in an emergency, such is the state of his health

On the morning of Monday, March 6, the presenters of “Hoy” reported that the first actor, Ignacio López Tarso, 98 years old He was hospitalized in an emergency due to two serious health issues he had presented with last Friday.

In a complete live broadcast, the morning Televisa channel revealed that the hero of films such as “Macario”, “Rosa Blanca” and “El Gallo de Oro” began to feel bad on March 3, which led to his immediate hospitalization. He is still under medical observation.

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This is the state of health of Ignacio López Tarso

Exclusively with the “Hoy Program” crew, Lulu MogollonHowever, the first actor’s representative explained that Ignacio Lopez Tarso He was hospitalized last Friday due to health issues related to pneumonia and intestinal complications.

In the interview it was detailed that Najm Golden Cinema The 98-year-old is doing well and is in moderate treatment. He vehemently denied that his health condition was serious, because fortunately he was getting better little by little.

In this sense, the representative presenter said that the problems of pneumonia are manifesting, but the intestinal obstruction continues. It appears that this will be the reason why he has not been discharged and is still under medical observation.

“He’s not serious and that’s a good thing for everyone, they put him in medium treatment because of his age,” he said in the interview.

Ignacio López Tarso returns to television in 2023

On January 25, the first actor and star of Mexican cinema, Ignacio López Tarso, reappeared in front of television cameras to confirm his return to the recordings with a special participation in one of the episodes of the new season of the series.NeighbourOne of Televisa’s most successful.

At 98 years old, the actor has made it clear that he is not thinking of retiring from entertainment since he started 2023 with new projects that will make him appear again on television in our country.

On that occasion, Ignacio López Tarso explained that he was on a strict diet, but fortunately he was feeling much better. He said he was waiting for the theater to open to resume his career.

“Everything costs. I follow a very strict diet. The doctors take good care of me. I can’t drink any alcohol, but it’s worth it,” he said.

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