“The flag has been forgotten in the past six years”: Conasset confirms that more than 45 thousand million pesos have been transferred

“The flag has been forgotten in the past six years”: Conasset confirms that more than 45 thousand million pesos have been transferred

In previous administrations, the transfer of 45 billion pesos earmarked for science and innovation was recorded, and the Director General denounced National Science and Technology Council (Conasset), Maria Elena Alvarez Bella Rocesbefore the Federal Representatives.

In a business meeting with members Committee on Science, Technology, Innovation and Education, The Conacyt president noted that in the last years of the last federal administration, they had not allocated “not a single peso” to basic science.

“This abandonment was imposed in previous regimes, for example, in 2017 and 2018 not a single peso was allocated to basic sciences throughout the national territory. However, more than 45 billion pesos have been transferred in the periods of the past six years in favor of national and international interests , which does not mean an increase in science and innovation.

He talks about humanity, science and technology, and the innovation law sent by the president Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorÁlvarez Buela emphasized that during the administration of the Mexican president, applied basic sciences were promoted in favor of well-being, and with this initiative they seek to end the secrecy.

“What should be avoided is the appreciation of the elites who for many years occupied public committees and directorates and also the syndicalists who attributed unreal representations and where the real possibility of the participation of the scientific community was abolished and where science was supported throughout the national territory, when the sums of millionaires continued to be diverted into non-refundable funds in favor of interests acquired,” he said.

They will guarantee global scholarships

In his presentation of the Federal Executive Proposal in the House Chamber of Legislators, he expressed that they would guarantee Global grants To support Mexican scientists, avoiding the shortage of specialists that the nation requires.

“It provides for the universal allocation of scholarships, and this is another essential point, to students from public universities for academic research programs in all fields of knowledge on the basis of the renewed national postgraduate system; offers support to those who specialize in disciplines focused on issues of strategic importance or priority For the state, such as those related to health, engineering, agriculture, smart computing technologies, etc., and the professions that the state needs, and we cannot afford what happened in the past six years, we were left without the medical specialists that the state needs and urgently needs in the face of the epidemic. pointed out.

And they were stressed More than 20 years of neoliberal law presented by President Vicente Fox with negative results, so the new initiative of the President of the Republic came as a result of the desire for change that was expressed in the polls. The people of Mexico in 2018 And the product of comparative law studies and evaluation of the practices of previous administrations.

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