The function that will notify you when they want to steal your account.

The function that will notify you when they want to steal your account.

The WhatsApp It is the most used and downloaded instant messaging app worldwide; However, it is also one of the most used means by the lovers of what is foreign to violating the security of the users of the app where countless personal data such as passwords, addresses, phone numbers, bank accounts, etc. are shared.

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Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful when using it and with the information being shared as it may fall into the wrong hands and this would harm the account holder.

It is currently not easy to find out if someone has stolen our account. The WhatsAppSince it is the only way to check this by going into the settings section, linking the device, it will later show who is using our account and access can be withdrawn.

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WhatsApp launches the functionality that all users have been waiting for.

Is there a notification when they want to steal your account?

the place WABetainfo I recently found out that it is possible to receive a notification when someone wants to access your account The WhatsAppor use your data, through a text message to the phone number registered in the account.

Once the function is turned on, it will only be necessary to activate two-step verification from the account settings. Once activated, if someone wants to access your account through another device or from the web, a text message will arrive with the notification.

This function will allow us to control our account The WhatsApp In addition to everything we share in the instant messaging app, people who want to access your account can be approved or denied.

This function at the moment will only work for Androidbut it is not excluded that it is available for iOSSo it’s only a matter of time before this new feature hits all devices and not just those with the beta version.

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