The Government of Mexico and the United States are revitalizing the High Level Economic Dialogue – El Financiero


The Ministers of Finance, Economy and External Relations reported that the Under-Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, Gabriel Yorio; Secretary for External Relations Marcelo Ebrard; The Economy Minister, Tatiana Kluther, will participate in the relaunch High-level Economic Dialogue (DEAN) between Mexico and the United States September 9 in Washington, DC

“The DEAN initiative aims to strengthen the priorities of our bilateral relationship, as well as to deepen and complete our productive integration and develop conditions that support and enhance our competitiveness,” the agencies explained in a joint statement.

They explained that this mechanism responds to the strategic vision shared by the governments of Mexico and the United States. DEAN discussions will focus on four pillars: building back together; promoting economic, social and sustainable development in southern Mexico and Central America; Securing the tools for future prosperity and investing in our people.

The agencies emphasized that “Mexico and the United States are friends, partners and allies, and this dialogue will further enhance the already fruitful integration of our two countries.”

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